Friday, 28 September 2012


Harini hari Jumaat~

B pesan, duduk dekat ofis tu, sila dengar ayat2 al-Quran. Baik untuk diri dan juga our baby.

Oleh yang demikian, I have downloaded Surah Al-Maryam dan beberapa surah2 pendek dari Youtube. Therefore (dah oleh yang demikian, therefore lagi..tah pape), hari2 mendengar orang mengaji je dalam ofis ni. Sedapppppppppppp je  dengar. Tenang fikiran lah katakan hehe

Tapi bila mendengar di hari Jumaat ni, ketenangan and keberkesanan kebaikan mendengar ayat2 al-Quran ni macam terlebih sangat dapat and masuk dalam diri. Syokkkkkkkkkkkk!

Love you B,
Mummy & Baby

Hair Cut

Yesterday, teman B pegi potong rambut dekat Anney sebelah Maulana dekat rumah tu. Oleh kerana beliau tak tahan panas dikepala and membuatkan kepala beliau cepat gatal, so B kata "Anney, no 1"

Mentara tunggu kepala B di gondol, I just sat there waiting patiently hahahaha

Bila dah siap, anney tu siap tanya lagi to me, "so Akak, okay tak?" Bukan dia tanya empunya kepala okay ke tak, dia tanya wife empunya kepala hahaha dia tau wife nya cerewet kot hahahaha

Oh btw, sejak masuk kedai anney tadi sampai la dah nak balik, anney tu pasang radio lagu tamil. Sejak masuk n sampai balik jugak lah, my lil baby darling was moving so actively dalam perut Mummy ni. So I thought, ni mesti tengah berdangdut, terkinja2 berjoget dalam perut ni hahahahahaha aiyooo anak Mummy minat Hindustan ke? Boleh la geng dengan Grandma Ja nanti tengok cerita Bobbi hahahaha

Oleh yang demikian, nanti baby boleh tinggal dengan Grandma Ja ye tengok Bobbi, Sangam etc tau! Kehkehkeh

Mummy & Daddy


The alarm went off at 6.50am this morning

Feeling: LAPAR

Snoozed it for exactly 18 minutes

Feeling: LAPAR
Got up and tie my hair up
Feeling: LAPAR

Walking to get my towel to take a shower

Feeling: LAPAR

Took a shower, brush my teeth and clean myself

Feeling: LAPAR

Got in my room and getting ready for work

Feeling: LAPAR

 Got me car keys and about to get out of the house

Feeling: LAPAR

Walked to my car, getting in the car and starting off the engine

Feeling: LAPAR

Driving out of the garage

Feeling: LAPAR

Stopped at Makcik jual Nasi Lemak sebelah Maulana

Feeling: LAPAR

Driving to me office


Got in my office, sat down, punched in, check me emails etc

Feeling: LAPAR

Briefing from me boss about visitors from Hunan Women University, China coming in this morning and some other work that needs to be done by the end of today given by the TNCA

Feeling: LAPAR and not really hearing much about the briefing hahahaha


Terus makan tak pandang kiri kanan dah sebab LAPAR GILER!!!!

Oleh yang demikian, habis sebungkus nasi lemak! Jawab!

My poor baby, pagi2 dah dah sangat full with the nasi lemak, so mata pun sikit lagi nak tutup..


Lets sleep baby,

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Si Familia


Thank you for taking me to the clinic and hospital for further check up during my unwell time last weekend. I'm sorry I got you worried sick sampai tak boleh tidur and termimpi2 and all. Mummy & Baby loves you so much Daddy! Muah


Thank you for coming to visit me at the hospital. Thank you for caring so much during my stay at the hospital by texting me on my update about what's going on with my condition and the baby. Thank you Mak Long. We love you loads. Can't wait for the Meatball Spaghetti  this weekend. Woot! Woot!


Thank you for caring and all the text and call during my warded time. Cucu Tokwan and Kakak are fine now. Alhamdulillah. Nanti kami tunggu Tokwan datang bawak Udang, Kerang, Ketam and all tau! Hehehehehe

Abang, Kak Miza & Lana,

Thank you for coming to visit me at the hospital. Thank you for caring too! The baby and I are fine now. Nanti Uncle Abang (is that your name for my baby to call you after this abang?) sponsor Magnum setahun tau! Muahahaha


Thank you for coming to visit me at the hospital dude. Sorry I had to disappoint you by not calling you on Monday and asking you to come and visit me at the hospital so that you can leave your exam early hahahaha

Widad & Alim,

Thank you for caring. Yes Widad, it's all your fault! Sape suruh ckp dgn stranger kat tepi jalan tu? Eish sengal!!!! Honeyyyyyyy!!! Thank you for eating Pizza Hut for me and the baby. We were very full last night from all the pizza you ate for us! Hehehehe

Thank you Si Familia!!!!

We love you loads,
Maisa & Lil Baby Darling


On Saturday night, I was having discomfort on my tummy. As it started, the baby did not move ever since. Waited til the next morning and yet, still nothing. Only moved once in a blue moon. So I got worried and went to the clinic to check. The Dr scanned the baby and said the baby's okay the heartbeat is well n all but the baby is not moving actively as usual. So he refers me to Hospital Serdang for further check up.

B took me straight to Hospital Serdang after the Dr at the clinic give a reference letter to us. Went for a check up for almost 2 hours at the hospital then the doctor said, okay you have to be warded as we need to monitor you for at least 24 hours. They we afraid if I got some infection internally that could effect the baby too.

B stayed with me as I checked in the ward at around 3.30pm and got me some lunch. As the last meal I had was breakfast at 10am. B didn't have anything since morning as he was too worried. So we ate some Nasi Goreng as that's the only thing left at the Hospital Cafeteria. Dua2 kebulur kelaparan okay! Then informed Ayah, Along & Abang. At around 5 something Along arrived with Mamat then a bit later Abang came with Kak Miza and Lana. Dalam wad pun sempat gelak2 sebab Lana n Mamat was so funny! Hahahahaha

7.30pm was the end of visiting hour so everyone had to leave. I was left there with the other moms and babies with nothing with me. I came sehelai sepinggang okay as I didn't expect sampai kena warded kan. Then B said, he will come a bit later at night to send over some things that need including food! Hahahaha the hospital gave dinner at 6pm, so of course I'll be hungry again by 9pm okay. So B got me some Benjo as I was craving for that. Sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! B couldn't stay with me as they don't allow husband to stay over night unless you're staying at the first class ward and you just gave birth. He stayed home with worried feeling. Kesian Papa kan baby :(

Around 1am I still can't sleep as the bed was too hard so is the pillow. Pusing kiri and kanan. Then rasa baby started to move actively again. Thank god my baby!!!! Terus boleh tido okay! hahahaha

The next day the nurse keep checking on the baby's heartbeat and my BP. Everything is getting better. At around 11am the specialist doctor came to a checkup and said everything is okay and the baby is getting better. So I can be discharged on that same day. Yeay me!

Masa discharge, doctor bagi macam2 ubat. Which is antibiotic tablets (a lot) for my internal infection and a whole lot of vitamins for the baby. So I asked for extra just in case hehe the doctor even gave 2 days of MC for Monday and Tuesday for me to rest well weeeee ;)

Thank god everything is okay now and the baby is active again as normal heeee

Love you lil darling,
Mama & Papa



Baru baca blog mama. Sorry dah berhari tak update blog as you said, 'kena update blog hari2. senang grandma n baby nak baca nanti' hehe


I'm okay now, cucu mama pun okay and sihat. We're both fine with a very fine heartbeat along the way. We're getting better now.


Thank you for your Doa for the both of us.


Don't worry too much okay. Nanti mama sakit bahu balik. Nanti darah tinggi naik pulak. Mama dah la tak suka makan ubat kan kan kannnnn.


Your cucu is reaching 7 months old in my tummy now. Moving very actively especially when I'm talking to beliau. Rasa macam dia menjawab balik je kekeke so funny!


Nanti tahun depan mama balik Malaya, your cucu will be 2 months old. Dah boleh pegi airport tunggu grandma okay! Jangan tekejut kalau nampak lil Sofea or lil Misyari melambai kat grandma masa mama arrival kat airport nanti tau. Sebab kakak pun akak terkejut nanti hahahaha

We love you loads Bonda & Grandma,
Maisa, Zul & Lil Baby Darling

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Happy 30th Birthday B~



Be grateful with what we have & things will be fine.


Thank you for being an understanding hubby and a very good daddy to be. I'm sure we'll have a big happy family!

Sorry no big celebration on your big 30th B, KFC pun okay lah kan? Hehehe

Takpe, nanti kita celebrate lagi sekali when our lil darling dah lahir. Celebrate birthday Daddy, Mommy & Lil Baby Boo~ baru meriah ualls! Heee

Love you always my love,

Friday, 14 September 2012

A Lot

As I mentioned before, I had Nasi Kerabu for breakfast yesterday. So yummehhhh! Then for lunch Kak Dila bought rice porridge for me from McD! It was delicious though it wasn't as Yummeh as the one at Marry Brown. Got home around 5.30pm and had more food stuffed inside me. B got me some rice with Chicken Tomyam and Sambal Ikan Bilis with Kentang. Didn't take much as didn't want it to be too spicy. Sodapppppppppppp john! After maghrib we went to Abang's house for his open house and Lana's birthday had Bihun Sup Daging, Ayam Goreng and Nugget.

I got home with stuffed tummy because I ate the whole day none stop. My darling was hungry okay! Hehehe kekenyangan n se'eh baby semalam makan macam2. Sedap kan kan kan anak Mama?? Heee

Well, we'll see how much more I'll be eating today heee

We love you boo,
Mama & Papa

Friday, 14 September 2012

Our lil precious darling wasn't so active yesterday. Beliau didn't move that much and was very baik yesterday. So Mommy didn't have much pain until last night. Beliau started to move a lot more just before I'm about to go to bed. I had to lay on my side watching TV while waiting for the pain from her kicking and punching and moving about to go away until I didn't realize I fall asleep in the middle of the bed sebab I was quite tired from work yesterday. Kesian B, he didn't want to wake me up and get me to sleep properly on my side of the bed so he just left me there and watch TV until I woke up a few hours later sebab sebelah tangan dah cramp laying on one side lama sangat. Then baru la I moved to my side of the bed and bagi dia tidur hehehe Sorry B, tertido so tak perasan hehe

But today, our darling is very active again. Pagi2 sesudah sampai di ofis, beliau started to move macam nak mintak macam2. Mommy ate 2 piece of bread with jam for breakfast, sedap tak? Kenyang tak? We will have a big meal for lunch okay sayang..don't worry ;) Mommy doesn't have time to eat a big breakfast as I have to go to the admin building to get some work done innabit until lunch time. Hectic week for Mommy love.

Anywho, be good our lil precious darling!

We love you loads,
Mama & Papa (tukar nama pulak ikut suka)

Abang's Open House & Lana's 2nd Birthday

Last night we went to Abang's house for his open house and Lana's 2nd Birthday celebration. As her birthday was during Ramadhan, so they decided to celebrate her birthday last night. The cake was so cute! Brought by Aishah, Kak Miza's sister. Lana was excited to see the candle on her cake and didn't what to do with it so Abang yang tiup kan at the end hahaha

Kak Miza cooked Bihun Sup Daging, Ayam Goreng, Nugget etc. It was yummy! Heee

Lana was somehow shy with me and everyone else so she decided to layan diri by jumping up and down dari hujung rumah to the other end hahahaha tiba2 terjatuh sendiri on the floor sampai terbaring and she continues to lay down on the floor konon tunjuk perasaan yang dia merajuk sebab jatuh n takde sape pujuk hahahaha pastu dia bangun sendiri n continue to layan diri again. Drama betul! hahahaha

No pictures with me as the camera went dead. So there's some with Along and Kak Miza.

Happy 2nd Birthday Kak Lana!

Auntie Mai, Uncle Zul & Lil Baby Boo

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nasi Kerabu


Baru lepas melantak sebungkus Nasi Kerabu with loads of its veggies and Ikan Keli sekor. No spices on it sebab cannot take ittttt~

Tekejut la anak Mommy pagi2 dah dapat makan nasi kerabu hahahaha sebenarnya sebab dari malam tadi macam craving sangat2 and teringin sangat2 nak makan nasi kerabu. Padahal baru kelmarin makan muahahaha pastu da nekad (aisehmen) nak singgah kedai nasi kerabu tu pagi ni sblm pegi ofis. Nak dekat sampai kedai Kak Dila call. Tanya nak nasi kerabu tak sebab dia pun ada kat sana. Ehhhhh instinct kuat la kami bedua ni nak mkn nasi kerabu pagi ni hahahaha

Dah dpt, smpai ofis, godek keje sikit terus ngappppp nasi kerabu tersebut. Perghhhhhh konyang dennn!~ Walaupun plain tapi itulah yang sodap sebenarnya. Dapat menikmati rasa sedapnya nasi plain and sayurannya sahaja.

Oleh yang demikian, kekenyangan penangan nasi kerabu pagi2 buta ni taktau la betahan berapa lama for today. Sebab sejak raya ni cepat lapar and always nak makan memanjang. Bukan makan sembarangan, mostly heavy foods. Tapi pegi checkup, beratnya camtu jugak kahkahkahkah

Kalau lapar lagi, takpe roti and strawberry jam ada dah standby everyday. Lagi sodap makan gitu tau! Kan baby kan??? Hehehehe

p/s Saya makan macam2 adalah kerana mengikut kehendak my lil precious darling ya! Bukan nafsu sendiri semata2! Muahahahaha


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Heart Burn / Chest Pain

Ever since last week I've been getting chest pain and heart burn. The chest pain only came once in a while and just for a bit. But the heart burn comes every time I eat something. Tak kira la makan makanan ringan or berat, with flavour or not, mesti akan dapat heart burn without miss.

Went for a checkup last Wednesday and asked the nurse about it and she said the heart burn is normal for a pregnant women to be getting in every now and then but it shouldn't be for a hours at a time. She also said the chest pain is not suppose to happen due to being pregnant plus I have no health problem. She told me to refer to my panel clinic if it happens again or directly to the hospital and see the 'big' doctor right away about the pain. As it could be anything.

Went to the doctors at my panel clinic couple of days ago as I was having a very bad chest pain for one night and day. The doctor asked me a whole lot of question from what I ate the day before in detail and all the symptoms that could cause chest pain and my answer is no. So I gave him a migraine sebab no symptoms that was suppose to cause chest pain happened to me. So dia lost sekejap hahahaha then he assumed that as my tummy is getting bigger and it pushes up my space for food, so the acid that was suppose to process my food down to the bottom til I poop was actually going up ways so it pushes onto my chest. Something like that. So he gave me Gavescone alike medicine to recover from my chest pain. I will only have to take when I have the chest pain.

However, I have not taken it yet as I did not get any chest pain yet. Because it turns out that I did an experiment on myself. I did not take any flavour food as of couple of days ago, no oily food, no spicy nor hot food at all and I did not get any chest pain nor heart burn. Only I ate was plain rice with plain veggie and its all plain I tell ya.

So from now on kena jadi Plain-atarian la kan. Ada orang Vegetarian, so I'm Plain-atarian. Cool enough for me hahahahaha maybe my lil darling cannot take any oily nor spicy food anymore kot. Kesian dia tu pasal la dia macam marah je every time I eat something a lil bit spicy or what not. Kesian dia pastu kick and punch Mommy eh. Haippppppp Even your Daddy is scared of you every time he sees my tummy's moving from your punching and kicking love hahahahaha

We love you still my love. Anything for you darling!

Love you loads lil boo,
Mommy & Daddy

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

21 Weeks (old news)

This our precious lil darling at 21 weeks old~

I have no idea how to explain the scan picture. So you do the math & be it! Hehe

All I know is the one line in the middle of the picture is the back bone (I think) Hahaha

We love you loads lil darling,
Mommy & Daddy

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dari pagi tadi, the baby is kicking and punching dengan active nya. Macam baru lepas makan active fast of minum air gas pulak dia punya peng-active-an nya. Cannot duduk diam one you know! Moving here and there. Mommy wanted to eat some bread with Strawberry Jam. Tapi dia tak nak kot and buat Mommy punya selera terus takde untuk makan roti with jam. Then the baby is making Mommy craving for Nasi Kerabu with loads of sayur on it. Haipppppppppp! Demand nyaaaa pagi2 nak makan nasi kerabu!

Kesian roti and jam yang dah dibeli pagi tadi..sapa nak makan? Jawab kanak! Takpe, Mommy will get the nasi kerabu with loads of sayur innabit okay love! Wait for noon we'll be se'eh together aite honeybun! Heee

Love you lil darling,

Satay & Packing - Before Departure

On Thursday 30th August, Merdeka Eve, the whole family went to Restaurant Yus for some Satay, Mee Bandung, Nasi Lemak etc for dinner. Mom ordered a whole lot of satay and all kind. Satay ayam, daging, perut and ikan. Sodap satay ikan tu rupanya hehehe

B & I then went back home to Mama's after dinner to help out with her packing. I thought I only had to do the finishing touch up. Rupanya, baru ada beg BARU and barang2 beratur diatas meja, sofa and fridge utk disusun hahahaha

1 big bag was filled with 4 helai baju and under garments and the rest was FOOD! Food I tell ya!!!! Including Kicap Manis Habhal okay..ko mampu??? Hahahaha enjoy the pics...

1 BIG HAPPY family

Grandma Ja & Lana

The hands yang meng-packing

The outcome of the packing

We then had a chat with the whole family for a bit, until one by one of them went off to bed until tinggal lah Mama, B & I...Beborak until 3 AM!!! Macam bertahun tak jumpa and the stories was fun too! Ikutkan nak borak until Subuh then Mama leh siap terus pegi airport, sebab tau Mama sure takleh tido dari kul 3 pagi tu til Subuh sebab risau terover slept and terlupa pasal Korea hahahaha

Anywho, we had fun Mom!!! Take care in Korea!!! Nanti kirim snow tau!

We love you loads Grandma Ja,
Mysa, Zul & Baby Boo

Eidul-Fitri 2012

This year is the first year celebrating Eidul-Fitri with a husband, as a wife and a Mummy to be!

Oleh kerana malas nak mengarang and all, here's some pics okay! Enjoyyyy~

At Daddy's
(Preparation/The Making of Rendang)

The outcome~

(Eid - Day 1)

The Foods - Rendang Limpa/Daging/Paru, Kuah Kacang, Kuah Lodeh, Nasi Impit, Ketupat Palas, Lemang & Rendang Kerang

At Mama's
(Eid - Day 1 - Night)

Home Made by Grandma Ja - Masak Lomak Cili Api Kerbau & Kari Ikan Duri (SODAPPPPP)

(Eid - Day 2 - Visiting the Neneks)

(@ Pak Long's)

(@ Nenek Ucu's)

(@ Nenek Mun's)

(Nenek's Siblings - Sitting, second from right is Nenek)

On the second day of Eid, B & I went back to Malacca, Mak's hometown. We stayed there for a few days and went back to Serdang on Thursday night. We went beraya at Mama's house on Sunday afternoon and had Nasi Lemak by Along. The conversation between the besans took couple of hours. Mcm bonding time plak hehehe

The coming Monday was WORK DAY! So OMG!

Till then...


Monday, 10 September 2012

26th Weeks

This week is the 26th weeks my lil boo's in the womb!

Oleh yang demikian, beliau adalah sangat active ever since Raya. Everyday beliau will punch ke atas, kick ke bawah, stretching ke kiri dan kanan, guling2 back and forth in my tummy. I think the baby's taking my tummy as a punching bag utk practice dikemudian hari nanti hahahaha

Sometimes when I lay down on my back, the baby will start to punch and kick..dia tgh suka hahaha or sebenarnya dia sempit because tak suka when I'm laying on my back so tak banyak space for beliau to move around. Oleh kerana marah sebab sempit, so dia punch and kick Mummy nya. Konon tunjuk perasaan la tu! Ceittt! Even your Daddy is scared of you tau baby! Bila nampak your punch or kick timbul2 on my tummy, takut dia nak tgk. Apatah lagi bila suruh rasa hahahahaha

When Mummy's busy at the office with her work, the baby will be even more active than the usual. Haiyokkkk!!! Excited nak tolong Mummy buat kerje ke?? Tolong ke?? Ceit!

Anddddddddd! Last weekend punya class was soooooo OMG! The baby was moving so actively the whole 48 hours! Excited teman Mummy pegi class eh? Belajar apa haritu anakku?? Hahahaha

So baby, be good okay!

Love you loads,
Mummy & Daddy