Monday, 11 May 2015

Mothers Day

The plan begun a week ago. Just between the siblings. We got Mum her ever wanted Telekung from The Telekung Keeper. The material and design is super nice making it hard to get as the new designs are always selling fast and sold out for most of the time. 

Then we also planned a surprise delivery of Balloons Bouquet & Bouquet of Red Roses to the place we were having brunch at Dubuyo, IOI City Mall Putrajaya. 

We're not sure whether it will work or not because Mum always find things out before it happen. And finally, it went well as planned. She didn't expect anything at all this time. 

We didn't give her much but the we are glad that we made her happy on Saturday!

For being the best in everything and to us you deserve almosr everything in the world including your very own Poh Kong Wardrobe hahahaha

We'll plan more for present day and your birthday are Mum! Make sure to be ready and act surprise again hahaha

Love you loads Mum,
Maisa, Zulhelmi, Sofea & Lil Mango