Thursday, 20 December 2012

4th December 2012

Started the day like any other day. Went to work, do this and that like any other working day. I started getting contraction pain in the morning of that day and didn't know it was contraction pain hahahaha

Been getting the pain every 10 minutes in the morning. As of 2pm, the pain started to get closer, once every 5 minutes. I could deal with the pain at first. Around 5 pm I couldn't stand it anymore and asked B to take me directly to the hospital. The pain was like a period pain times a 100..sakit weh!!!

Checked in at the hospital around 5 something and the doctor did some checkup and said I'm already 7cm dialated. I waited for 2 hours with a very bad contraction pain and brought to the labour room around 7pm and it was already 10cm dialated and the doctor told me to start pushing. I didn't have to push for long just a few times and the baby is out. Thank goodness everything was okay.

Once she's out, all the pain is gone. Totally gone. Got into tears watching her sleeping on my chest. So adorable! Though the pain was like hell, but once I got my eyes on her, I was like "What pain??" hahaha

Mama & Papa were both there to welcome you to this world. We love you so dearly my darling. Be our good girl eternity love!



Name : Sofea Al-Latisya Zulhelmi Azizi
Date of Birth : 4th December 2012
Time of Birth : 7.08pm
Place of Birth : Serdang Hospital
Weight at Birth : 2.72kg

Mama & Papa's Precious Princess
Love you loads