Monday, 9 February 2015

First February Weekend

Our first February weekend was great. Very calm and relaxing!

We didn't do much. And I do mean NOT much. Stayed home, watch TV, dine in for the whole 2days, Sofea played by herself nicely by messing the whole house hahahaha I was trying to get some things done foe my thesis and not really alot got done due to my unwell hormine swing hahaha

After quite sometimes, I cooked Mini Special Roti John for breakfast, grilled chicken like Nandos for lunch n dinner. 

Even so, the most peaceful weekend ever!
Hope for more such peace will come again!


Friday, 6 February 2015

2015 Limited Edition


I'm happy to share that we will be adding another Limited Edition for 2015 to the family. The little fetus is 8weeks long now and doing great. However, not so much to the Mama hahahaha
Comparing the second pregnancy and the first one, both totally different in all the way. 

With Sofea, I dont really feel much as the baby grow until around the 5months. Then only I can feel this and that. Disconfirt etc but it was fun.

Sofeas lil bro/sis however, I can feel it since week 6. Nausea, headache, tummy pain, fatigue, the worse part is, not knowing what I can eat to which not leading to vomitting later on. But the ride is fun. Im enjoying every bit of it. 

Plussssss...Sofea can somehow feel the new limited edition. So she is now a lot more MANJA with me and gets jealous of every little thing when its without her hahhaaha so cute and precious she is!!

Anyway, grow health and well my darling fetus and I still love you so much Sofea Al-Latisya!!!!

Lil Fetus

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

2Y 2M

Sofea Al-Latisya is 2years & 2months today!!

Shes a big girl now. Going to school, getting along well with friends and teachers, learning manners, learnt a lot of words and trying to make sentences now.

Oh my days...why did you grow up so fast baby??? 

May Allah bless you always with loadsa happiness til heaven!!

Mama loves you loads sweetiepie!!!


Sunday, 1 February 2015



I downloaded the Blogger Apps on my phone...konon it'll be easier to blog more often after this..

We'll see...