Friday, 26 November 2010

Lana Gembo2 II

Lana's new look baby!!


All hair's gone expect for the front bit! Cuteeeeee~

Told ya! She doesn't like looking at peoples face and not just mine okay! But she loves cam-whoring! Lanaaaaa!!!

p/s Hair styled by Mummy Miza

Thursday, 25 November 2010


I have no idea what's wrong with you, what's your problem with me or others! You just had to be talking about everyone to everyone right? Huh! You, your mouth and your ass! ALL THE SAME!!

Get a life, saddos!

Apparently, you never have anything good to do in your life so you tend to act like you're the most open minded and out going person in the whole world with everyone. So that people will think that you're 'cool' and all. Sadly, no one think so! Sorry mate!

You're the worst in everyone's eyes! You're always trying you bestest to be gain everyone's trust and like towards you, at the end of the day, you're stabbing that person right in their back! What's that all about?

At the end of the day, no one's really your friend you know. They're just being nice to you cause you helped them a 'lil bit' at some point and act like they owe you big time all their lives because of that helped. My god man!

Why do you have to jaga tepi kain orang all the time and gossip all around about everyone to everyone?

Nothing seems to be a secret when it's with you now.

Who would trust you then?

You and your attitude who's always judging everyone about everything in their life. As if your life is so perfect and the best from others! GOSH!!!!

Mood: Pissed and Annoyed at YOU!!!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lana Gembo2

Lana's CV

Name: Lana al-Dayyana Aiman Mustaqim
Nickname: Lana Gembo-gembo
Age: 3 months old
Date of Birth: 8th August 2010
Time of Birth: 11.40 a.m.
Place of Birth: Metro Maternity Clinic, Banting
Weight: 6.2kgs
Height: Idk
Fav: Lights, Ducky, Millipedes Worm, Shopping, Milk, many more to come

p/s more info to come soonest! So I'm pleased to present, Lana Gembo2!!!

She's a proper drama queen who loves making faces to others!

Busy BEE!

There's so much to do in so little time!

Lists of things needs to be done on my table. It has been there for almost 2 weeks and nothing has been ticked off. OMG!

Yet there's more adding up to the list which needs to be done before middle of December! Pooooooo!

As new students will be incoming soon, so a lot more for me at work! Huh!!!

OH! Assignments and other coursework for uni's piling up too! 1 presentation's this weekend, another one is soon enough! Yeayyyyyy meeeeeeeeee!!

Solution: I'm applying for 3 days off from work for December! Off to Penang with the others! Woohoo!! ;D

Friday, 19 November 2010

first assignment

Help me think of a RESEARCH that I can work on/do for my Communication Research Method class please!

As my brain haven't been working properly and so well, so I'm in desperate need of help from YOU! or anyone!!



Helped Bella out with her job application at my office.

Then we got hungry after all the hard work filling in the forms, photocopying etc, decided to have lunch at McD. As it was too HOTT and fast foods are the only place with air-conditioner though there's too many peops there! :S

We then both had this new set of meal on the menu. Which was:-

(photo taken from Google)

It was YUMMYYYY-ER than the usual Mc Chicken! The chicken slice made it taste even nicer!

We gossiped through out the whole lunch hour (from 12.15 til 2.00pm) about this and that, him and her, you and you, everyone and everything!

For sure at some point I went 'HAAAAAAAAAA', 'SAY WHATTTTTTTTT', 'WHYYYYYYYYY', 'I KNOWWWWWWW!' and etc. And so did she! Lol! We just had so much to tell each other, and all the time in the world could never be enough for us to finish any of our gossips! Lol

Well, that's only me and Bella. The whole crew wasn't there, if they were it'll be even crazier and it'll take longer than lunch to finish the tons of gossips and even our foods! Lol

A meet up with the whole crew has to be made! Me, Bella, Nana, Nia and Kak Aida!

Just tell me WHEN and WHERE and I'll be there in no time for deffo! I'm in need of a real 'Gossip Girls' time you! Its been agessssssssss!!


had to!

I was bored few weeks ago just before Deepavali. Searched through some stuff selling blog and found this really interestingly cute flipflop which I had to have!


And I GOT IT!! Muahahaha

While I was at it, found a cute bag which I liked so much cos its BIG enough to fit all my craps in it! Hahahahaha



Told you I just had to have it! Muahahahaha

p/s bought from

first week back

I was already given an assignment on my very first week back to uni, on the very first day, on the very first time of that class. Which was Dr.Jusang's subject, Communication Research Method.


And it's due the week after. We were only given a week to get it done and hand them in, in the next class which is tomorrow. And I still haven't done a bit of it still and it Friday (now)!!

Help please? Pretty please with a cherry on top!

Semester 3

I have to take 13 credit hours of classes this semester. Killer!

They are:-

Oral Interaction Skills
by Mdm Iza Dura Abd Manan
(semester 3 sub)

Communication Research Method (Kaedah Penyelidikan Komunikasi)
by Dr. Jusang Bolong
(semester 7 sub)

Interpersonal Communication Skills (Kemahiran Komunikasi Antara Perseorangan)
by En.Ishak Abdul Hamid (Pak Ngah)
(semester 7 sub)

Mass Technology Issues (Isu-isu Teknologi Massa)
by Dr.Siti Zobidah Omar
(semester 7 sub)

All the semester 7 subjects are killer ones! Pooooooooooo!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Habib Jewels

E-Day Ring

As I'm allergic to gold and silver (it itches me and gives me rashes on my skins), Mummy said I'm suppose to demand for a platinum ring for my Engagement and Wedding day too! Hahahahaha

So, to reduce down the burden on my further fiance, I'll have this one instead okay.

(platinum + silver)

It doesn't cost much only RM468 and for sure that's well cheap!

So this will do for my E-Day. I don't mind, as long as I'm getting a platinum for my Wedding! Muahahahahaha

Note to future fiance/husband: Prepare yourself financially soonest! Huahuahua

no work done!

I actually came to work with the thought of having to do work as there's millions needs to be done soonest! Plus I have to replace Kak In for today and tomorrow as she's on holiday.

Everyone's still on holiday and most UPM staff actually took today and tomorrow off so that they'll have a 5 days weekend! (WOAHHHH)

For that and for some other weird reason, I didn't do any of the work I was suppose to (mine and the one Kak In asked me to) and spent the whole day updating my blog, facebook-ing, long lunch (plus visiting Kak Aerma's new born baby boy) and back to updating my blog again (after 1 year) Muahahahahaha

Moral of the story: STILL NO WORK DONE FOR TODAY bahahahahahahaha


15th November

Daddy came on Monday night then we had Satay Kajang Hj.Samuri straight away!! More YUMMYYYY!!! But sadly, it didn't turn out as good as it was suppose to, as it used to be! Dissapointed! Pooooooooooooo!

16th November

I had to work the whole day, so Daddy spent the whole day with Lomu. Went to get Daddy's bus ticket for the ride home on Wednesday, fixed something on Lomu's car (always something). Got home and played with Lana for a bit.

She's so heavy now! (3months at 6.2 kgs)

She only likes to look at other things than peoples face!!

Had dinner at Al-Salam, Kota Seriemas in Nilai. Daddy had Mee Goreng which was really super duper YUMMYYYYY!! I had Nan Cheese with Tandoori Chicken, so did Lomu + Chicken Burger Set! My god Lomu!!

they were starvinggggggg -_-

the one Lomu and I had


17th November

We had nothing planned for the day (Eid), so slept in til late. Got ready and went straight to Brunch at the Mines. Had KFC (Lomu's choice) for Eid! YUMMYYYYYYYYYY!! Hahahahahahaha Walked around for a lil bit, then send daddy to Bukit Jalil to catch his bus back to Taiping.


he ate about 3 pieces of H&S

Me and Lomu went home, continue to sleep some more until Maghrib. The streets nearby our place was actually EMPTY for once. No shop was open at all! Even Syedlina and NZ was closed!



After that, we went to Bella's Eid Open House and had loadsa food! Rendang, Ketupat, Kuah Lodeh etc more YUMMYYYYYYYYY!!!

Got some Lemangs from Tushi as I was craving for it since Tuesday. (dan2 craving sebab nak raya..mengadaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!) Didn't get the chance to taste it yet, as I was hella exhausted (for some reason) yesterday and got home straight away to bed. Wasn't feeling too good either, the nearly 2 weeks old flu, high body temp and headache! Had to sleep in straight away!

only got one from Tushi, at least something

18th November

I actually have to work on today (Thursday) whilst everyone else is still on holiday! Pooooooooooo!!!!


5th November 2010

Me and Lomu went back to Dad's in Taiping for the 3 days weekend. Spent the whole weekend very excitedly as it was my last weekend off from uni until the new semester starts again the week after that.

Ate some bread, corn in cup and Kacang Rebus (all time fav snack must have on the way back to Taiping)

Got there at about 11 something p.m., went for late dinner with daddy at the RnR in Simpang. Had mini noodle soup which tasted like shitttt (as mom would say it) hahahaha yet I had to finish it as I was starvingggggggggggg.

Slept a bit late that night than the usual at about 2 a.m. or something. And got up a bit late the next morning at about 10 a.m. Daddy brought home our fav for breakfast!


Couldn't finish mine as there were too much kuey teow and prawns. Gave it to Mamat to finish it off, yet managed to eat all the prawns before giving it to him! Muahahahahaha

Then went to the salon to get my hair done as it's the bestest and cheapest on earth! Washed my hair, free back massage & face massage!! Uu laa laaa!!


Then went to Nalini's Akad Nikah's Feast. Had Kerang Rendang, Kari Ikan Duri and some other things. Got home, change and went out with Lomu and Daddy to Taiping Central. Just for a walk about. Went home with sore aching feet! Before that, stopped by at Bismillah for some really yummy Cendol!


While waiting for Lana, Papa and Mummy to arrive, daddy boiled all the kerang, Lomu and I started our competition which was peeling the kerang and eat them straight away. Who can stand to do them and eat the most wins! Lol weird competition yet the kerang was yummy so we didn't mind! Hahahahaha we finished half of them then got tired and too stuffed with it so had to stop and save some for tomorrow breakfast.


Lana has arrived! Lana is in the building! (while jumping for joy as I have someone to bully!) Muahahahaha she slept through the whole ride back to daddy's so when she arrived, she woke up and stayed up until quite late and it was hard getting her back to sleep. Had to sing to her the Alim's Night2 song, but changed a lil bit of the lyrics. Which goes like this:-

Lana al-Dayyana
Budak yang baik
Dia suka lah tidur, suka lah tidur
Lana al-Dayyana la Lana
Budak yang baik
Dia suka lah tidur, suka lah tidur

(first sang and created by Along)

After having to sing her that, she actually falling asleep! And I was like (FINALLY!!! it actually worked!!) Muahahahaha heavennnnnnssss cos I need my sleep too you know! haha

6th November

Went for breakfast at Salleh. Kuey Teow Goreng Udang again! Its too yummy to not eat it! Hahahahahaha then off to get my hair done! Highlightsssss baby! Muahahaha Had to sat there for almost 3-4 hours! OMG my butt was killing me like hell!! >.< style="font-weight: bold;">


YUMMY!!!! Then we're off to Dad's friends restaurant for dinner. Had Crab Tomyam, Prawn Paprik & Telur Dadar! YUMMYYYY again!!!

Night time!! Lana's activities and some scenes she did:-

with her fav Millipedes Worm

Lomu's bullying Lana. Trying hard to make her sit on her own! (lol)

Staring hard while watching How I Met Your Mother S5!

with her Hannah Montana's suit!

Lomu kept bullying Lana, making her sit on her own, stand on her own and he actually had a conversation with her! Lol adorable!

The three of us slept a bit late that night. ZzzZzzZzzzzzz~

7th November

Another breakfast at Salleh. Lana slept the whole time. Played with Lana til we're both were so tired from each other. Daddy, Abang, Kak Miza and Lomu went to Matang for late lunch to eat Kari Ikan Semilang. They had some 'take away' for me, and for sure it was yummy! I didn't join them eating at the restaurant as Lana and I can't stand the HOTNESS, FLIES everywhere & we were still a lil bit full from the late breakfast we had. So I stayed home with Lana, we watched How I Met Your Mother (the whole season 5)!

Everywhere one's packing, cos we're going back after Maghrib. I'm the last one to finish packing as I only done it just before I took a shower, then get things in the car and I'm done! ;D

Daddy had some seafood reserved for us to take home like Kerang, Crabs, Prawns etc (more YUMMY!!!!). We reached at the first RnR at about 8-ish (forgot the name of the RnR), was planning on having dinner at RnR in Tapah, but it seems like everyone's heading home that night, so there's too many cars/peoples/things. So had a lil snack until we reached KL. Mamat had dinner, and I was too knackered to even eat, and went to bed straight away as I have work early the next morning.

FYI, I was suppose to take Monday off cos I was planning to go back to KL on Monday afternoon, but for some stupidly reason I had to come to work on Monday! OMG! Soooooooooo unconsidered!!

Anywho! Deepavali was funnnnnnnnnnnn ;D

2 weeks in a row

Week 1 - Deepavali

Went back to Daddy's on Deepavali just for a little daddy-daughter bonding and got to eat loadsa seafood!! Woot! Woot!

I Love you Daddy!!!! Heeeee

Week 2 - the week after Deepavali, a week before Eidul-Adha

Was told I'll be getting a big surprise for something. So I waited and didn't know it was really gonna be a big surprise as that someone's known for doesn't know how to throw any surprises at all HAHA! And yet it was a big surprise! Guess what again??

CR2 HANDBAG!!! (original as told and new arrival too!)


p/s you know I've been blabbering about not having any new handbag, run out of handbags (lol) and I want a new one for ages! And now I got 2! Muahahahahahaha

ever since

As my very last post was last November, so a lot has happened ever since then..


January - registered in UiTM for Bachelor of Human Resource and Management

February - overly sunburned during V-Day at PD

happy birthday Kak Miza! (celebrated with Widad's birthday)

March - quit UiTM as I can't stand it anymore! (I can never stay in UiTM any longer you know!), then enrolled into UPM for Bachelor of Communications (Executive)

April - Dad's birthday (5th) and Widad's birthday (11th). Started working at the International Centre, UPM as a temp at first

happy 52nd birthday daddy!
happy 16th birthday wid! (go green-day)

May - Starts of my contract with UPM at the International Centre still (18th). My diploma graduation & Mamat's birthday (23rd)

happy 18th birthday Lomu! (pinky)

- Alim's birthday (4th), My 22nd (30th)

happy 11th birthday honey bunny sweetie pie! (RED RED RED)
happy 22nd birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!! (ALL BLACK!)

July - Hella busy with new student intake at work

August - Abang's birthday (4th). Newborn baby girl Lana al-Dayyana Aiman Mustaqim (8th). Ramadhan (11th). Mummy, Along, Widad & Alim left for Limerick Ireland (15th)

happy birthday oppa! (multi-coloured)

September - Eidul-Fitr (10th). Farhan's birthday (24th). Kak Dila & Tushi's birthday (25th)

happy 23rd birthday Boo!
happy 30th birthday Kak Dil! (surprised after work)
happy 28th birthday Tushi! (surprised after work)

October - Azira's birthday & Students Returning Home Programme (6th). Mom's birthday (7th). IC Eidul-Fitr Celebration (8th). Bachelor of Communications Event (12th). Along's birthday (15th). Kak Wawa's birthday (21st). Nana's birthday (24th). Lana's Cukur Jambul (30th)

happy 22nd birthday babe!
happy forever young Omma! (from Malaya with Love) Huahuahua
happy 26th birthday Along! (from Malaya with Love) Huahuahua

November (til the 18th) - Tushi's Bro's Wedding (5th & 6th). Zatul's birthday (7th). Sera/Vid's birthday (10th). New Semester [3] (13th). Eidul-Adha (17th)

Congratulations to Iwan and Min on their Wedding Day!
happy 23rd birthday babe!
happy 22nd birthday my butbut! love you loadsssssssssss

See! Told ya a lot has happened ever since the last one ;D

After 1 year

The last post I wrote was about this time last year. And its has been a year since I last have the courage to actually write on my blog. Has it been that long of laziness? Huahuahua


That's all ;D