Tuesday, 27 March 2012


After years, then only I decided to edit a lil bit of my blog. Not that much of a change, cause I can't be arse. Well, at least something aite.

Will edit more soon (not sure how soon tho), when I have the mood to do so ;)


Monday, 19 March 2012

DrNotts / DrHankuk

Please put more pictures Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Boring gilos takde gambar baru nak tgk ni maaa....

Thank you Love you Muah!


Friday, 16 March 2012

Mother's Day

I checked on Google it says that it's Mother's Day in England 2 days ago. However, as for the other countries in the world, its in May. Somehow, Malaysia is not on the list. So there's no Mother's Day in Malaysia? Ceh tak appreciate Eommanim betul la!

As for me, everyday is Mother's Day! Because a good wish/celebration for my mom is a great deal of repaying her love & burden on taking care of me all these years. Anywho,




Loads of love,
Maisa & Zul


Happy Birthday Nenek!

Love you loads

Maisa & Zul


Rendang Kelantan

Oleh kerana kat blog Mama takleh comment, so here we go hahahaha

Eommanim, rendang kelantan tu kan ritu I gave it to you. Tapi yg kecik nye packet tu je la hahahahahaha Tulah ritu jual mahal takmau bawak, ni kan dah berjasa baik punyaaaa..ringan je punnn hahahaha

Sodap tak? Tapi dia made in Terengganu la Maaaaa!

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Sbb mmg sodap makan dgn telur goreng panas2 with nasi..tapi nasi pulut I donno apa rasa sodap tak...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wedding Kak Liza

Few weeks ago, we went to Kak Liza's (Zul's cousin) wedding at Mersing, Johor. The wedding was actually at Felda Nitar 2, Mersing. Which was half hour away from Mersing Town. After the wedding we went to Mersing Town to jalan-jalan cari pasal and drop by at Air Papan Beach. Best and best :D

Like brother like brother
B & Iwan @ the Homestay we stayed at

B @ Kak Liza's Wedding Reception

B & I @ Kak Liza's Wedding Reception
(sorry takde gambar pengantin haha)

Mak & I @ this random restaurant in Mersing Town for dinner

Air Papan Beach, Mersing Johor

Pak Itam, Mak Itam, Mak & B @ Air Papan Beach, Mersing Johor

Keropok Hj. Puteh @ Mersing Johor

Mersing, Johor



Kerang yang bawa balik dari Taiping the other week, Mak dah masak..inilah outcome nye...

Kerangs Sambal

Half of them Mak rebus and ratah macam nak rak kami bertiga (Me, Zul & Mak). The other half Mak masak sambal. Yummmmmmmmmmm!

Okey then, til the next one..


Egg Tart

Last week, I was somehow craving for Baker's Cottage Egg Tart (Tart tu sila sebut dengan betul bersama kalkaf nye yaa)

Oleh kerana kat Baker's Cottage dah naik harga macam nak gila, so rasa mcm rugi n membazir sangat. Instead, Zul took me to King's Bakery at Seri Serdang. The other day masa beli kek hantaran kat situ, Zul join as the member and dapat card (with discount for every purchase) plus 1 year voucher. Nangis!

So we bought 6 pieces of Egg Tart @ King's Bakery for the price of 4 with a member's price. Kau ada??? Hahahahaha

Egg Tart from King's Bakery

Sodapppppp jack!!! Sejibik cam kat Baker's Cottage tauuuuuuuuuu!!

Okay then, til the next crave ;)


Taiping with LOVE

Last last weekend on the 3rd March 2012 (Saturday), we went back to Taiping (with LOVE) to visit Daddy & Honey...

Along & Widad was already there, they went back on Friday. We got there around Saturday night, as Zul and I both had to work that morning and have to attend Zul's cousin's wedding in the afternoon, then only went back to Taiping.

On Sunday morning, we went to Salleh Stall for breakfast and had the famous Salleh Kuey Teow Goreng and Cucur Udang. Yummyyyyyyyy! Then we sent Along to the Bus Station at Simpang as she has to go back to KL early sebab banyak lagi paper tak marking!!! Hahahaha

We went back home and got out hair done at the local soloon. And it goes like this:-
-hair wash x 3 head (including back massage)
-face wash x 1 face
-hair blow x 3 head

A total of RM12.00 only!!! Kau ada???? Hahahahaha

Then we went out to Matang and had Kari Ikan Semilang. YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Widad ate full plate of rice + Kari Ikan Semilang...then we went to fetch Honey at his school, took him to KFC Taiping, had lunch (AGAIN)..Widad ate the KFC rice something...and somehow she doesn't look full at all...

Lepas tu pergi jalan-jalan at Taiping Sentral. Mula-mula nak tengok Adnan Sempit 2, tapi the show was only on at 5pm and Alim has to go back to asrama at 6pm, so kena postpone for another week. So Kami just jalan-jalan cari pasal, beli tracksuit and t-shirt Alim for his P.E class and McD's ice cream for desert of course!!!

Lepas hantar Alim balik asrama, kami balik rumah and went to the kilangs of seafood and got some shrimpssss and sotongsss...Zul bought 3kg of sotongs, 2kg of big sized shrimps and 1 big bag of kerangs. Yummmehhhhhh!!!

We started our journey back to KL around 6pm and stopped at Tapah to get some Mango Lemak Manis yg Mama beli dulu for my hantaran..Penangan Mama beli utk hantaran ritu, terus kemaruk mangga tu! Hahahahaha

Gambar-gambar yang sempat di capture adalah seperti berikut :D

B's asleep @ Tapah
(take 5 sbb penat kerja in the morning and went to a wedding in the afternoon)

Daddy & his Ikan Bawal Goreng...

Kari Ikan Semilang

Ikan Bawal Goreng

Widad..nervously waiting for her meal to arrive...(starving face)
*she had 5 cucur udang + kuey teow for bfast which was few hours before lunch*

B can't wait for his meal to arrive too..
*apparently, they're both very hungry for rice i suppose*

Widad's second lunch @ KFC
(rice something)

Honey with his 4 pieces of chickennnnnn
(you're a chicken, moooooooo)

Desert - McD's Ice Cream

Seronok dapat Ice Cream ualls....

Okay then, til the next post....when I'm rajin enough k ;)


Mom said...

Mama kata,

Hari-hari kena post dalam blog..setiap hari kena ada beberapa post...
Hari-hari kena ada cerita best..setiap cerita kena yang the bestest baru orang baca...
Hari-hari kena post gambar dalam blog..setiap gambar kena yang menakjubkan, kalau tak bosan...


Kalau hari-hari malas, cemane Ma??


Friday, 9 March 2012


Pagi tadi tengok blog mama. Mama kata ada upload loads of gambar baru just for me to see. As I requested to only put loadsa pics and yeay me!

Anyway, gambar rumah baru mama BEST!!! Besauuuu!!!

Another thing is, botol Green Tea mama tu rupa macam mix herbs yang ada kat rumah Vista tu yang selalu guna buat Ayam Nandos tu. As for the normal tea, botol and isi ada rupa Jem.

Kau ada???


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Malas / Lazy

Mama said,

I have to update my blog as she already mentioned me on her blog and my blog link, so people 'might' want to view my blog, so i have to update them. (ayat serabut!!!)


I'm too lazy mom! Could you please do it for me Ma? Please...with a basket full of Green Manggo! I said please... :D *wink* *wink*