Wednesday, 17 December 2014

December 2014

December is one of the busiest month for 2014. A lot has happened and a lot more to go:
1) Went to Brunei Darussalam for a business trip from 1 - 3 December
2) Widad's Wedding (Solemnization and Reception) 6 December
3) Viral Fever strikes from 6 - 9 December
4) Visit from Kazakh National Agrarian University, Kazakhstan students from 5 - 14 December
5) Widad's Wedding (Groom Side) 13 December
6) Bengkel QS World Ranking on 14 December
7) Going back to Taiping from 18 - 21 December
8) Widad's Wedding (Celebration at Dad's) 20 December
9) Family Holiday in Medan from 23 - 26 December
10) Zulhelmi's cousin's Wedding on 28 December
11) Mobility Meeting on 29 December
12) Renewal of contract for House Rent on 30 December

That's all for now and not sure if there's more to slot in, in between the above programme..Hopefully the 1st January 2015 will be a lot more better and less stressful hahahaha

Inshallah! Amin!

Maisa (17 Dec, 2014)
Computer Lab, FS

Tiba...tiba....end of 2014~

Every once a week or once in 2 weeks I will go on the and read up on the blogs I follow..and only today I realised that...almost a year plus tak update blog yang rasanya takde rupa blog dah ni hahahaha

As always, I will say that I've been too busy with everything sampai tak sempat nak update blog as if I'm the blogger of the year sangat hahaha so sebab harini I'm attending an SPSS course di Computer Lab, Faculty of Science so let me spare sometimes to update my blog..sebabnya..semua PC kat lab ni takde SPSS pun so tak boleh nak buat the practical work hanya boleh dengar jelar lecture nya..hahaha

Now is the third week of December 2014 time flies and a lot has happened this year..including:
1) I turned 26
2) Papa turned 32
3) Princess Sofea the First turned 2
4) Registered and enrolled as master student in MSc Discourse Analysis at FBMK, UPM
5) Traveled to Singapore, Langkawi, Cameron Highland, Brunei Darussalam for work and leisure
6) Last but not least, loose a lil bit of weight due to Viral Fever couple of weeks ago and GAIN a lot more for the whole year of 2014 hahahaha

So far 2014 has been good alhamdulillah. Hoping for 2015 to be much better in all the ways. Inshallah.

Let's hope akan lebih rajin nak update blog yang takde pape ni more often hahaha


Maisa (Dec, 2014)