Monday, 16 November 2009

Nottingham (Notts)

Pizza Hut Market Square, 2005

Market Square, 2004

Birm Game, July 2004

Auntie Ain's House, 2005


Friday, 6 November 2009

Back in the day...

From 2000 til 2005

Nottingham (Notts)
Birmingham (Birm)
Loughborough (LB)
Sheffield (Sheff)
Manchester (Mcr)
Liverpool (Liv)
Newcastle Upon Tyne (Ncl)


Me Girlys ^^

Twas fun gettin togetha w me girlys agen afte weeks away frm them. They're all busy w their finals n all & im enjoyin ma longgggggggggggggg hols! hihi

Late lunch at this rest i forgot wat its called, played tennis & basketball at the stadium..(we lauged most of them), then lepak'ing for abit at alsalam (fav. spot since sem 1) !

Catching up w all the gossips, talk talk n talk some more abt everything!

Hillarious yet a great day!

Love ya guys lots
x x x x


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Grey's Anatomy - Season 5~

Well a whole lot of crying, emotionally sad feeling! And the end bit of that season was a brilliant ending!

George O'Malley & Izzy Stevens died! So it goes with the whole crying and emotionally sad feeling over all aite?

Too baddddd.....................




The TV Sitcom is sickkkkkkkkkk and OMG the awesomest EVERRR!

I've watched the whole 10 season like a million times but never get bored of it! Even memorize most of the scene and say from the sitcom! They're the best for the whole 10 years!

Watching it always reminds me of Walesby Crescent, our last house back in Notts. We love that house so much and we had alot of fun there too! So if I miss it back there, I just start to watching any episode from any season of Friends .. it'll really lighten up my day ;)



Its weird I'm actually writing something on my blog, but I'm bored to death with nothing else to do on this 'ohhh so longggggggggggggg holiday!'

So what now?? :S