Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Bear - 11 September 2016

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

11 September 2015 (Friday), 12.35pm I gave birth to my beautiful handsome son, Mateen Al Fattah at KPJ Kajang Specialist. He weight 2.8kg and perfectly beautiful! I feel in love second boyfriend haha

11 September 2016, Mateen turns 1! How time were that tiny thing growing inside of me one year ago babybear and now you're one! Why are you growing up too fast!? May Allah bless you my darling and I pray you become a nice and gentle person and do good things in life! We all love you loads babybear! Stay handsome for Miimaa okay! Haha

Your super cute fambam

Happy Birthday Mayong - 15 October 2016

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

Throwback to birthday Mayong on the 15 October 2016 when she turned 32nd. Happy birthday Along / Mayong! May Allah bless you always with a lifetime of happiness with us lot til heaven! You can never get away from us..EVER! Muahahaha

Anak-anak Mayong

Happy Birthday Boyfriend - 25 September 2016

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

Well, on the 25 September 2016 marks my boyfriends 34th birthday! Tua dah bang hahaha tapi orang nya maintain Muda kan? (bodek baikkkkk punya ni hahaha)

Which means, we have celebrate your birthday together for almost 4 years now. Happy birthday My Husband and Papa! May Allah bless you always with a lifetime of happiness with all of us til heaven! We love you loads!!! Sorry we only get to celebrate lunch at Bangkok House and Dinner at Para Thai je sebab ada orang tu rindu Bangkok & Krabi! Hahahaha

Your cute wife & kids

Happy Birthday Miimaa - 7 October 2016

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

7 October 2016 marks Mum's 55th birthday.

This year, we (us siblings) didn't get to do much for Mum's birthday since Mum is in Korea at the moment.

We can only wish to Mum through WhatsApp, Video Call and Instagram.

Though we really wanted to do so much more, but it can only be done by next January when we see Mum in Koreeeyaaa!

Any who, Happy Birthday Mum! May Allah Bless you always with a lifetime of happiness til heaven! Love you loads Mama & Miimaa!


My Kids - Princess Bear (Sofea Al - Latisya) & Baby Bear (Mateen Al Fattah)

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

I am truly blessed with the people around me!

Being a working and studying Mum, its not easy to do it all unless you have the best supporter in the world. Just like football hahaha With the best supporter around you, without you know it or not it does help yourself a lot in going through the days.

Sofea is turning 4 in December and Mateen already turned 1 in September. Both kids are growing up so well minus the sick days but they are doing alright.

Sofea Al-Latisya
My princess bear, so manja and she always a mind of her own. She can be very loving at a time and gets very emotional in the next minute haha she wasn't ready to accept a new siblings when Mateen was born (last year) because the love suddenly have to shared between 2 people instead of only for her! Hahaha but being the very independent girl that she is, she grew into loving her brother very quickly only few days after he was born. She is very protective of her brother now and never hits or bully him at all. Its the other way round hahaha She knows that Mateen is her brother and they are related by blood hahahah

She will do the simplest cutest thing to show her love for her brother like sharing her tab to watch cartoon together, sharing toys to play together and many more. Things you don't see much in toddlers and younger siblings. The good and loving bonding!

She has been attending Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori for almost 2 years now and she's loving it! I would say, BBIM is the best! She has made a lot of improvement in her daily skills especially speaking. Sofea was facing Speech Delay as she can understand instructions but can't reply back in words. However, she's improving to be so much better now. She can count 1-20, sing the alphabet songs, sing Negaraku and she can even ready the whole Ikrar by herself! Well done my girl! BBIM teaches her all aspects of learning such as English, Maths, Science, Islamic Class all in one package! The aunties there are really nice too!

Mateen Al Fattah
My super duper clingy and manja boy! He is super active in everything buttttt always get so emotional at random times hahaha

He has his mood of eating a lot in one day and not wanting to eat anything the next. Well the routines goes on haha He gets heavier by the day tapi kurus je tengok Hahahaha And he is the who always bullies his sister. Tapi tak pernah kena marah dengan Kakak dia haha

We had to send him over to stay with a babysitter when he was 2 months old as I have to start working already. It wasn't easy to do so as Sofea was taken care by her Tokwan for the first 1 year and half. So with the news going around about bad babysitter and nursery and all, kami tawakal. And it turned out, Mateen had the best and nicest babysitter that comes with a package of Mami, Dadi, Atok, Nenek, Kakak & Abang Hahaha The whole family loves him!

I am so thankful and blessed with the people who are taking good care of my kids when me and Zul had to go to work. They took care of the kids from heart then only comes the money. You can tell by looking at how your kids are well taken care of when staying with them!

Therefore, thank you BBIM Seri Serdang and Kak Ija & Family for taking good care of the kids and loving them too! Money can never be enough to repay your kindness. May Allah bless you always til Heaven!

Mama Sofea & Mateen

Master of Arts Discourse Studies

Assalamualaikaum & Hello people! Its been a year now hahaha Lets start by updating my blog with all the events went through all year long for 2016. It'll be a big mixed up (not in turutan) so bertabah lah untuk faham ye haha

Alhamdulillah I am finally done with my Masters! I am officially a UPM graduate in MA Discourse Studies. Just had my graduation day on the 22nd October 2016.

First and foremost, this Master Degree is dedicated to my one and only beloved Mama Prof. Dr. Normaliza Abd Rahim! Being my Mum, she will make sure her kids will achieve the best in life and she will do whatever it takes to make that happen! Therefore, you should know I have my PhD next to my Mum waiting for me next February 2017 Hahahaha

During my Bachelor Degree years, Mum helped a lot too! She was even on stage during my graduation day and we waved at each other hahaha Sadly, she was not able to attend my graduation day for my Masters. Honestly, it was actually one of the saddest day in my life having to go through that without seeing Mama on stage like before. I kept looking on stage just to make sure whether Mum was there or not. Got on stage, got nothing else to look for, so got there and took my certificate scroll and walked away. Quite fast indeed as mentioned by my Supervisor!

I know Mum felt so bad that she couldn't be here with me on that day and she waited all day holding her phone going everywhere (including the toilet) so that she can get the update on my graduation day instantly from the WhatsApp Group. Even writing this made me tears. I really miss you Mum!

Any who, my special thanks goes to my beloved husband for always being so supportive during my study years from Bachelor to Master and soon PhD. My beautiful kids are the best thing ever! Sofea is my Bachelor Baby and Matten is my Master Baby! They are both Made in UPM! Hahahaha

The whole FamBam / DrNAClan are amazing too! Always there for me during all events in my life! Ever so loving and supportive of each other! I love you guys!

Enjoy the photos okay!

 My Lil Family

 Beloved Husband

Si Familia a.k.a FamBam a.k.a DrNAClan

 Dr. Sr. Siti Nur Aliaa a.k.a Along a.k.a Mayonggggg

 My boys a.k.a KPoP Man & Somehow related to Jonah Lomu

 Yusuff's family a.k.a Dak Omel Tembam

My Mama a.k.a Miimaa a.k.a Leader of DrNAClan
Love you loads Ma

Masters Holder (Hahahaha)