Monday, 13 July 2015

Waiting for Monthly Checkup

Ever since the not so good experience of giving birth at a local hospital a.k.a Hospital Sedang with Sofea 3 years ago, so I decided not to go there for the second baby. 

After research and all, I decided to deliver the second one at AnNur Hospital instead. Seems like the process has been going quite well with the monthly routine checkup as well as the doctor is super duper friendly and so much fun to communicate and get advise from. Way better than the doctors at Klinik Kesihatan and Hospital Sedang!!

Anywho, thats not really the main highlight. 

The problem that I have to face during routine monthly checkup is the waiting time and area while my number is being called. Either at a local clinic/hospital or private clinic/hospital, the situation is always the same. I dont think it will ever change! It is whereby, theres a very limited waiting area and seats available and yet the husband and man are always the ones making it full! With hesitation or sympahthy for the other pregnant lady having to stand up for a long time with a huge belly and swallen feet, they just sit they with no emotion at all! The sad part is, even the wife dont care and just let them sit there. 

Typical husband and man! No brain? I just can never brain this!!!!

Thinkkkk of others who are most in need than you la weh!!! Pissing me off 😡😡😡😡😡

For such guy, go jump off a bridge! No one cares except your selfish wife je!

Ok bye!