Thursday, 8 October 2009

Practical Internship

As I'm on my final year & final semester I have to complete it with an external practical internship. So, Mum said do it in UPM so it'll be easier for us two to meronggeng together2 all the time! hihi

So I started on the 6th July and will be finishing on the 16th October which is in a week time! Ohhhh so soon! *yeay me!!!*

As the faculty never receive practical student for more than a month, so they have no idea where about to place me. The head of registrar made a schedule just for me for the whole 3months. He placed me in all units there is in that faculty! Gilakkkkkkkk!

Next week is my last week so I'm just gonna enjoy it! ;) Eventho I'll only have a few days after that to get my work report done and presentation ready. Sickkkk!!

Anywho, I've enjoyed the last few months there, learnt a lot of new things, met a lot of new & interesting people there but there's too much politic for me to stay there any longer now! :S

*Will upload pictures later, as Zam's too slow! grr*