Friday, 20 April 2012

Email from Grandma

Send an email to Mom, Along and Widad the scanned picture of the baby...Here's a reply from Mom...

I know the baby looks like me. woot woot.

A short conversation with Grandma via gmail on the 19 of April 2012.

Grandma, can I have the Maclaren stroller?
Yes, dear.
Grandma, can I have the rabbit hoodie before Widad?
Yes, dear.
Grandma, can I be with you in Korea just for a bit?
Yes, dear.
Grandma, can I have a set of beautiful clothes from Korea?
Yes, dear.
Grandma, can I be with you when you are back?
Definitely yes, dear.
Grandma, can you kiss me more than you kiss Kak Lana?
Defnitely yes, dear
Grandma, can you love me more than Uncle Alim?
Definitely yes, dear.

hahha, sila letak dalam blog awak

Thank you Grandma!!!!

Loads of love with Maclaren Stroller, Rabbit Hoddie and many more,
Maisa, Zul & Baby Fetus


I've been having heavy headache since Monday. Thought it was just a normal one time thing. Then I ignored it just by eating some Paracetamol. But it didn't go away for hours and continues till at night then only it wears off. The next morning (Tuesday), I was okay but the heavy headache came back at around 10-ish. I was really pissed and had some Paracetamol and still not going away until at night. Then Wednesday came by, the same time, the heavy headache came back. I couldn't stand it anymore and told B, he said to go to the doctors and check what's wrong with me head.

Around 12.30pm went to the doctors and had to wait for my turn. The receptionist said that there's only 5 patient until its my turn. The 5 patient took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get checked up. I was going to leave and come back later in the evening but I just couldn't stand the heavy headache. My eyes nearly wears off while waiting.

In the doctor's room
I told the doctor what's wrong with me, she then checked my blood pressure. T
akut darah tinggi sgt2 kan tu pasal sakit kepala tak tentu arah. And it turns out that my BP was okay at the right level for normal people. She then said do I have anything else bothering my body or what not. I just said that I feel like vomiting every time I burp. She then said, okay let's check if you're pregnant or not. She didn't ask me to do the normal procedure of pregnancy check which was peeing on the stick. She said, lets scan it right away. If it doesn't show, then only you pee on the stick. I was like, WHAT THE...........Oh well, okay then. The first time the scanner thingy touches my tummy, it right away shows the baby fetus look a like! I was shocked and so OMG!!!!! OH YEAH...I'M 7 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!! ALHAMDULILLAH!!!! I was proper shocked because I just went to check for pregnancy just a week ago and the scan shows nothing even the stick doesn't give me 2 lines! I was so excited I nearly cryyyyyyy!!

I was just so happy called B right away and smiled the whole day!!! Texted Mom, she rang me at the office and we both got proper exciteddddddddddddddddddddd and texted Along, Abang & Mamat! Tried to call Dad, but he was in a meeting and called me back and said,
Ayah dah tau dah ada great news ni!! Wahhhh so terer!!!! Hehehehe Told Mak and Aishah at home and Aishah was superbly happy and Mak was smiling the whole evening hahahahaha


My Babyboo!!! :*

Still happy and smilinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! May God bless me, my family & my baby always!

Loadsa Love,
Maisa & Zul

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bold is the new Mohawk

B was very RIMAS with his hair getting quite long and long. He looked messy with long hair. So we went to the Barber to get it cut. He then suddenly said, "Anney, kasi nombor 1, potong semua".



So I have a Gangster Looking Hubby now! Hoyeahhhhhhhhhhh!

Love you baby,

Agong's Coronation = Public Holiday

Last Wednesday was the Agong's Coronation which equals to Public Holiday! Woop! Woop! I didn't know it was a holiday until Tuesday morning as I was reading someone's statement somewhere. Gosh typical me!

Anywho, on that day, Zul & I and his friend Bob with his GF went to 'menjaring' at Bagan Lalang. Just to try out Zul's new jaring and how it works and all that. While waiting for the water to lower down (surut) around noon, we stayed on the beach 'amik feel' you know hahahaha

We didn't know what else to do but to sit there and relax while eating ice cream at 10 in the morning. The kids were just looking at us drooling and really hoping that their parents will notice that and give them some ice cream too! Hahahahahaha

Then around 1pm to 2pm, Zul & his mate Bob went down on the beach and search for his Jaring. I saw him from far, he was walking around some area, looking to the left, to the right, to his front and back.

Suddenly, he came back to my with sad face. Then said to me, "Sayang, Jaring hilang. Hanyut dek ribut awal pagi td :( "

I was shocked and ala kesiannya! He was so excited about getting something out of his new jaring, but nothing in return. Not even his jaring.

It's okay baby, takde rezeki lagi. Next time ada kot. His friend was kesian at him and we went to the jaring shop and got another one. Sharing is caring for them! Hehe

BUT!!!! We won't be going to the beach not in the near future because of the Tsunami News thingy. Maybe in a few months time or so? Hahahaha

Maisa & Zul

Weird Fella

Last night, the whole family went groceries shopping at NSK near Jalan Kuchai Lama (i think). Zul & I were looking for all the wet foods such as chicken, fish, veggies etc. Then we came across this very WEIRD yet SCARY looking fish being displayed on the fish rack. They are actually selling that 'good looking' thing for real!!! So OMG!!!!

Enjoy the weirdnesssssss...

When I was taking the picture, I was saying to Zul, it's looking at me B!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

Weird Love,
Maisa & Zul

Daddy's CRV

Daddy has been craving for the first version of CRV ever since forever.

The other day, Zul & I went to somewhere near Jalan Kuchai Lama I think. We went to look for Dad's CRV as he requested for his 54th Birthday (ARRRGHHHHHH). Anywho, here's how it looks like, well good condition and very nice for 1997 outcome with 3 owners. Enjoy the pics Daddy :D

So Daddy, don't forget my commission okay? Hahahahaha

Love you loads,
Kakak & Zul

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy 18th Birthday Wid!!!

OH!!!! It's Widad's birthday today!



ALWAYS with food!!!

May God bless you always and I'm sure you're always having an amazing one aite? Cause you're always everywhere on your birthday! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh

p/s did you get my text yesterday from Mom?

Love you loads,
Kakak & Abg Zul

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy 54th Daddy!!!

Today is Daddy's birthday. He's actually 54 believe it or not. Yet still so young. That hard working Football Coach / PK HEM etc and you can always count on him at any time with anything at all. Very kental one you know!

Go Daddy, its your birthday, we're gonna party like its your birthday (with prawns, fishes, squids, crabs etc - Widad, please drools!!!) Heeee


Love you loads and always,
Maisa & Zul

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


First Annimonthsary (married for a month) - 4th March 2012

During out first annimonthsary we were back in Taiping visiting Daddy and honeybunny. At the time we were just planning to visit them lot and get our original copy of the marriage cert from Daddy which he got it from the Jabatan Agama Islam Taiping. As our pre-marriage cert (given during the solemnization ceremony) was only valid for only 3 weeks (21 days).

On the day we were suppose to go back to KL, Sunday 4th March, we didn't realize it was actually our first annimonthsary until I saw the date on my phone. We didn't have anything great planned to celebrate it but we had loadsa fun spending the day with Daddy, Honey bunny and Widad before we depart back to KL.

Though we don't really do a proper celebration for any birthday or anniversary occasion, but we just love to go out and have lunch / dinner with the family. That will be the biggest celebration of all.

Second Annimonthsary (married for 2 months) - 4th April 2012

Today is actually our second annimonthsary. As usual we don't tend to plan anything to celebrate. The reminder just popped out on my phone around 12am last night.

So far, nothing planned for today. I'm at work, Zul's at work. So nada! We'll see how it goes after work today okay...Not sure if there's any celebration or dinner treat or what not :D


Happy Second Annimonthsary Baby!
Love you loads and forever!

p/s check out my anniversary Daisy Path :D

p/s/p B, I'm craving for Dave's Deli!!!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012


Last Saturday, Zul, Pakcik Tapa & Bob (Zul's friend) went crabbing at Tanjung Rhu, Sepang. His car was full of smelly fishes, bento or tangkul and some other crabbing stuff. So it can only fit him and Pakcik Tapa. Mak and I went on my car just to visit for a bit because we don't plan on staying over night.

So there's actually 4 cars that went there. Zul's car (Zul & Pakcik Tapa), my car (Mak & I), Cik Nani's car (her families) and Bob's car. We started the journey around 2pm after I got back from my class that morning. Stopped for a bit to buy some junkies at Sg. Pelek mini market and some foods too. Arrived at Tanjung Rhu around 4.30pm and set up all the things at the pondok. The 3 of them (Zul, Pakcik Tapa and Bob) was getting ready and set up all the
bento / tangkul before going into the water. Around 5pm they went in and set up all 40 bento / tangkul. It only took around 1 hour for the to get it done and back to main land. Hahaha

We all got hungry and ate Nasi Lemak that Bob's bought near the mini market at Sg. Pelek and hang for a bit while waiting for Cik Nani's car to arrive (as she depart a bit later than us). She arrived around 6.30pm with Masak Lemak Ayam Kampung, rice and other foods. No wonder she was later LOL

The sea water will only recede again at around 6am the next morning. So with nothing to do there, we all decided to go to Bagan Lalang (which is the next nearest beach to Tanjung Rhu) to chill and hang out. Cik Nani and her family decided to stay over night with their camping set. So the tent was set up and everything else. After dinner, Mak and I went home because I have class the next day. We went through the LCCT / Putrajaya way and somehow got lost and appear in the middle of Puchong Town. *WEIRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD* Luckily I know my way from Puchong to get home and arrived safe and sound at nearly 12 midnight.

We were both knackered and couldn't even open our eyes lol called up my class mate to ask about the next day's class and then only she tells me that there's no class on Sunday. They were both cancelled. It was told during their class on Saturday evening (I don't take that class so I didn't know). Now only you tell me huh! I could've stayed at Sepang that night and go crabbing!!! (eventho I'm not the one doing the crabbing thingy).

The next day Mak and I stayed home and chillex while waiting for Zul to come home at night with the crabsssssssssss! We didn't put a high hope on getting too much crab as it was the crab season at that time. Maybe because God knows I was crazily craving for crabs, Zul actually brought home A LOT!

This is Zul's portion of the whole crabbing result. The whole thing was divided between Zul, Pakcik Tapa and Bob. A lot I tell ya!!!

A week of crabs!!!! Muahahaha

Till then,