Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Anak Mama sorang ni sebenarnya sangat tinggi/panjang. She was born with a height of 46cm. After 1 month she managed to get even taller to 53cm. She's getting taller by the day now.

Therefore, baju newborn semua sangat sendat and muat2 je panjangnya. Sofea dah boleh pakai baju 3-6months old okay. Pakai tu pun muat2 je. Sikit hari lagi dah boleh pakai baju lagi besar. By the time Eidul Fitri, silap2 dah boleh pakai 1 year old punya baju eventhough she will only be 9months old.

Haiyokkkk tinggi2 ni ikut sapa Sofea?? Mamanya pendek jeeee...silap hari bulan, sure2 dia lg tinggi dari Mamanya yg pendek n comel ni kan?? Hahahahha

Here's to prove how tall she's growing by the day...she's wearing a newborn / 0-3months old jumpsuit. And it suited her just perfectly with no extra inche left. Sikit hari lagi tak muat dah baju ni...waaa dah la comel hahaha

Dengan redhanya beliau duduk situ baik2 dibuli oleh Mamanya. Dipaksa pose gitu just for the picture to prove how cute she is in that Pink Zebra jumpsuit hahahaha

Love you loads baby doll

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Dear Gwenma,

Can I please have this hehehe

Loads of love,
Sofea Bambam

Thursday, 10 January 2013


We were walking around the supermarket and stopped at an accessorize shop. We saw this really cute pink headband and can't leave without it. So we bought them for Sofea to see whether she likes things on her head or not. Seems like she does. For now I guess hehe

She was forced to try them on sambil kena pujuk sikit. Merajuk sampai tetido dia. Sian kena buli dengan Mama and Papa dia hahahaha

We love you Sofea,
 Mama & Papa

Bella's Wedding

Last Sunday we went to Bella's wedding in Bangi. The bride and groom looked superb gorgeous! 

So from the clan, 3 down (Me, Bella & Ada) and another 3 to go (Nia, Kak Aida & Nana). Their turns will be soon! Muahahaha

Congratulations on your wedding love! Wishing you a life time of happiness eternity! Love you loads!

Mai, Zul & Baby Sofea

Saturday, 5 January 2013

1 month old

Sofea Al-Latisya is 1 month old today. Mama's lil princess is growing up! She's been a good girl and so adorable hehe

She gained weight from 2.5kg from 3 weeks ago to 3.8kg today. Please gain more weight by next month okay love.

Love you loads Precious Lil Princess,
Mama & Papa

For Gwenma

Dear Gwenma,

Here is the latest me...

Love you loads Gwenma,
Sofea Al-Latisya