Friday, 24 December 2010

Honeybunnysweetiepiebabyboy a.k.a Alim al-Mustaqim Billah Roslan

AWWWWWWWWWW my honeybunny's poorly! And mom said he's been quiet for days! Whats wrong honey? Did you miss me too much? I miss you loads too baby!


I MISS you and LOVE you loads!!


p/s honey, save some snow for me for next year okay? Promise!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Aku Masih Dara (I'm Still A Virgin)


Went to watch it last night. Didn't expect it to be as it is. Thought it'll be another over socialized young-adults movie like all the other that has been coming out all this year.

But it turned out to be a very good one. Though some of the words was suppose to be 18sx and not for children to hear/watch but the moral of the story was brilliant!

It really explores and shows the whole world about the truth and the reality of the people nowadays life. At the end of the movie, they managed to send the message over to the viewer as clear as the water. The religious (Muslim) value was brilliantly told/sent by the actors/actress in the movie.

It is good for self-reflection for the overly socialized people nowadays!

The movie was starred by Asyraf Muslim, Dian P.Ramlee, Farid Kamil, Norliana Samsudin, Raja Farah. And directed by Ahmad Idham.

Synopsis of the movie - "Aku Masih Dara" tells the story of three friends, Aleesya, Sofea, and Hani who come from different backgrounds. All three have different interpretations of Islam based on how they were raised. Their different perceptions on religion do not interfere with their friendship until the appearance of Firdaus, Aleesya's religious cousin. After witnessing his cousin's wild lifestyle, he keeps advising Aleesya to change her lifestyle, to the point that Aleesya starts to resent him!

Rate: 2 thumbs up! Brilliant~

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Aku Tak Bodoh (I'm Not Stupid)


This movie was great!

Went to watch it last week. It was funny and very entertaining! Laughed the whole way through the movie.

It was starred by Amy Mastura, Riezman Kuzaimi, Namron, Wan Noor Aizzat, Suhairri Sunari, Rohaizat Hassan, Jalaluddin Hasan and Adibah Noor. And directed by Boris Boo.

Synopsis of the movie - A Malay remake of Jack Neo's 2002 hit "I Not Stupid Too" directed by Boris Boo. A 16-year-old boy named Roy who is stuck with a dysfunctional family. Both of his parents are two busy working adults who, in pursuit of luxury, with the thinking that fiscal and material things are the only necessities their children would ever need, had neglected the emotional needs of Roy and his younger brother, Jefri in the process. Follow Roy's misadventures as he copes with pre-adolescence, depression and even joining a small group of gangsters as means of fulfilling the void left by his problematic home situation and finding his true self.

It has a very simple storyline with a very good moral of the story. Good for kids and adults! You should just watch it! ;)

Rate: 2 thumbs up! Brilliant~

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New International Students Registration Week (1)

Another nightmare begins! Having to deal with this matter is a very head cracking man!

It all started on Monday, 20th December 2010 at 8.30am.

The morning went hectically busy! We received more than 70 students from the morning, noon and afternoon session. We we too busy to even take 5 minutes of for our breakfast or to even enjoy our lunch break!

The promotion for NISWP was hard enough, cause we have to explain a whole lot about the programme to the students. Though I'm sure we gave the bestest and clearest explaination to them, there'll always be stupid questions from them! GOSH!

Though there's only some nice ones, but there too many RUDE ones! *ANNOYED!*

I had a very dry throat by the end of the first day, because of too much talking (normal basis) plus talking to the students too. The double used of my saliva! Grr

I got a lil bit quite for the second, third and forth day. Hoping for a quite Friday too! And double triple hoping for an even more quite second week!! Muahahahaha

Mode: Annoyed & had enough dealing with International Students yang tak faham bahasa! Such show offs!

Ex UKs

Though last week was pretty hectic with so much work loads, classes, assignments and tests, I still have the chance to actually enjoy a bit of it at some point.

Finished Pak Ngah's class a bit early on Saturday night, then decided to have dinner with the Ex UKs. Though it wasn't so much as 'dinner' dinner, its just a short random catching up with them lot.

Got the chance to have a fun chat with these people:-
1) Vid a.k.a Sera (Notts) - tho the last time I saw you was in June (on my birthday), it felt like its been yearssssss lol
2) Fatin (LB) - she came to my Graduation in May, i still miss you loads babydoll!
3) Izzy & Yanny (Notts) - its been like 3-4 years since I last saw you guys~
4) Amie (LB) - the last time we hang out was in 2007 or 2008 with the other Ex UKs aite?
5) Aina (Notts) & Taufiq (LB) - I haven't seen you guys ever since I got back to Malaysia. More than 5 years huh?

Though it was a short while, we still had fun hanging out right?

I miss the great/awesome/childish/funny old days of ours!

p/s when's the next meet up guys? Make it a proper big and amazing reunion for all of us lot! It'll be a blast! Woohooee~

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


As for the third time, I surprisingly got this gorgeous, pretty, cute and adorable watch from tutt! Hahahahaha

It really was unexpected as we agreed on 1 every 2 months. I just got one last month and another this month! Lucky me huh? Huahuahua


Thanks a whole bunch of chocolates for youuuuuuuuuuuu!~

Mode: Shocked, Amazed and Loving IT!!!

2 and half week of December

Ever soooooooooooooooooo much to do this week! (CRIES) Yet I'm so relaxedddddddddd -_-

1- Visitors from Sri Lanka for the whole week
2- Student from Germany (this and that)
3- January 2011 Exchange Student Intake's academic registraion, matrix card etc
4- NISWP Meeting 2
5- NISWP Meeting 3
6- Trip to Malacca with visitors from Sri Lanka and student from Germany
7- Kak Ain's Wedding Reception
8- Test KOM3362
9- Incoming student from Korea
10- Drop dead!

The end~

p/s lets hope I'll survive til next Monday, for another week of December to kill!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Well tbh, I do not have any interest in this blogging thingy world for few days now. As it bores me bit by bit, so toodless for now! we'll see when's the next post. Either soonest or another year??


Lana Gembo2 III

Me, Daddy & Lomu went to visit Lana last night. When we got there, it was actually her bed time. But since we're there, she stayed up a lil bit longer cos she knows we'll be playing with her all night long! Muahahaha she acted all cranky at the beginning, (konon nak tido la tu) then sat down and watch High School Musical 3, she was amazed by Troy Bolton and kept watching the TV. She was like, 'Troy Bolton? Fuhhhhhhh~' LOL!!!



p/s DrGrandmaja's bloodline are all 'gatal' Hahahahahahahaha!!!