Friday, 22 February 2013


Mama, you know I love you...
Mama, you're the queen of my heart.. .
Your love is like tears from the stars...
Mama, I just want you to know
lovin' you is like food to my soul...

Love you loads & always Mama
Your daughter (Kakak / Maisa)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Present for Gwenma

Dear Gwenma,

Dulu masa Sofea dalam perut Mama, Sofea suka sangat makan Cadbury Zip Chocolate. Same favourite chocolate as Gwenma.

So now, Sofea hadiahkan Cadbury Zip Strawberry untuk Gwenma di Korea nun jauh disana. Jangan bagi Pak Ngah ambil tauuuuu..

Nanti Gwenma dah balik Malaya, kita melantak Cadbury Zip sama-sama tau. Jangan bagi orang lain langsung tau.

Love you loads Gwenma,
Sofea Al-Latisya

Thursday, 7 February 2013

2 months jab

On Monday, Sofea pergi her monthly checkup. She got a jab for 2 months.

Masa nurse cucuk jarum she was still okay. Nurse tekan je nak masukkan ubat, terus nangis and jerit warghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dah sudah, Mama pujuk dia dodoi sikit dah okay tak nangis. Teror anak mama ni! Nangis kejap je...

Sebab before the jab, I told her that, if Sofea be a good girl and don't cry as much after getting your jab, Mama & Papa will take you jalan-jalan. Tu pasal la nangis kejap je. Tekejut kena inject and masuk ubat kan haruslah nangis.

She then slept the whole day. Balik rumah bad mood terus. Mungkin because she was shocked kena jab tu yang moody je satu hari. And it continues until the next day. All she wanted to do is berkepit and berpeluk je dengan Mama nya. Bila Mama pergi kerja, dia berkepit dengan Wan nya tapi moody gak. Nak mama nya jugak. Sian anak mama demam ye. Gave her ubat demam petang after her jab tu. Bila bagi masuk ke mulut directly dia taknak. Her expression says that TAK SEDAPPPPP hahaha so masukkan lah ubat tersebut kedalam susu. 

Luckily walaupun demam and moody, she still minum susu macam biasa and dengan banyaknya. So her anti body will still be strong to recover from the fever. The next day as promised, Mama & Papa took Sofea to South City Plaza for jalan-jalan.

Sofea was so excited and teruja, dalam kereta tido. Sampai je the shopping complex, her eyes were automatically open. Bulattttt je takde rupa mengantuk or what not! The whole time jalan2 kat situ, dia teruja sangat, duk tengok every single thing kat situ. pandang kiri, kanan, depan, atas, bawah, semua lah...while her hand is trying to reach for something...showing that she's so excited!!!

Lepas tu kitorang pergi makan at Old Town White Coffee. Kami makan, Sofea pun nak makan. Nangis sikit, dapat susu terus TKO! 

Then balik rumah she slept the whole way through tapi bangun kejap to continue menyusu. Then pengsan sampai lah kul 3am bangun for another milk session. Penat jalan2 sampai pengsan lama betul hahaha 

ANDDDDDDDDDD terus baik demam beliau!!! Muahahaha dah tau nak buat apa kalau Sofea demam lepas kena jab lepas ni hehehe

We love you sweetheart
Mama & Papa

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

2 in 1

The 3 of us went out for a lil celebration last night. 

1) To celebrate our first anniversary as husband and wife
2) To celebrate Sofea's 2 months old birthday

We went to South City Plaza to do some groceries shopping at first. But instead, we walk about, did a lil shopping and had snacks at Old Town White Coffee. At the end of the day, no grocery shopping done hahahaha

ANDDDD we did a lil video for the wonderful day heee~

Loadsa love
Mama Sofea

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Quick note / reminder:

Don't put your hopes up too high on something unsure. Sekali tak jadi, you'll be frustrated menonggeng tergolek-golek mengalahkan nangka busuk okay! Sapa nak jawab nanti haaaaaaaa???


Monday, 4 February 2013

4th February 2013 - Back to Work

It is VERY hard to be back at work after having my 2 months maternity leave. 

For 2 months, though I didn't get much sleep or rest, but I enjoyed being a Mom. Having to see my lil princess growing right in front of my eyes every second. 

And now I have to get up in the morning and go to work. Leaving my princess at home with MIL

Missing her each and every second that I'm  away from her.

It just feel weird being back at work after 2 months away from it. We'll see how it goes. 

Any who, work for my princess!

Love you Sofea

4th February 2013 - Sofea 2 months old

Sofea is 2 months old today. Mama's precious lil princess is growing up and getting bigger by the day.

She is now:-
Weight - 4.4kg
Height - 57cm

Be a good girl to Mama and Papa sayang!

We love you loads sweetheart,
Mama & Papa

4th February 2013 - First Anniversary

Today is our first anniversary. Which means we've been married for 1 whole year as of today! That shows how time goes by really fast just like that. 

It was this time last year, we tie the knot between the two of us. With the blessing from both parents, Mama, Ayah & Mak. From there, we started our beautiful journey together as husband and wife.

After 2 months being married, I was announced pregnant for 6 weeks. The beautiful journey is getting more interesting from then on. We enjoyed and cherished each of everyday of our lives together along with our loved ones.

And now, after one whole year being married, as husband and wife, living together knowing each other whole heartedly, we added one more person in the family to come along in this beautiful life journey with us. We were given the most precious gift of all from the almighty Allah S.W.T, a perfectly beautiful princess on the 4th December 2012. She is now 2 months old on the day of our first anniversary.

Dear My Beloved B,

Thank you for everything. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you. Thank you for understanding my needs, mengada-ness, cravings etc during my 9 months of pregnancy. Thank you for being you as my husband. Thank you for being the father of my beautiful princess. Thank you for everything! I pray and wish for a life time of happiness together with you and our princess! I cherish every moment we spend together til death do us part.

Words may not explain much on how I feel about you or how life is with you, I'm sure you know all that just from looking at how things goes until today.

I love you so much til the end of the world~ 

 Picture taken few hours before labor~

I would like to thank Allah for the blessing you've given us all this while, everyone in the family for making things as wonderful as it can be for the both of us! Without each and everyone of you, things might not turn out to be as it is today.

Love you loads,