Tuesday, 24 July 2012


3D Raya Kerongsang

SILVER - RM20 (each)


SILVER - RM20 (each)





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Interested, please PM me here / contact me at 0123816562 and mention your chosen Kerongsang Code

(delivery only around Serdang / Seri Kembangan area)


3D Raya Kerongsang

GOLD - RM23 (each)



GOLD - RM23 (each)

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G04 (SOLD)






G10 (SOLD)

G11 (SOLD)

G12 (SOLD)

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G14 (SOLD)


G16 (SOLD)



Interested, please PM me here / contact me at 0123816562 and mention your chosen Kerongsang Code

(delivery only around Serdang / Seri Kembangan area)

Monday, 23 July 2012

First Day of Ramadhan 2012

Had the best first day of fast breaking yesterday with my beloved hubby (Zulhelmi Azizi Mohd Jamil) for the first time & my whole family (Cikgu Roslan, DrMama, SrAlong, Abang Eman, Kak Miza, Lana, Mamat, Widad & Honey Bunny Alim) too!

A lot of food was prepared by SrAlong, DrMama & Kak Miza and they were all DELICIOUS!!!!

We all ate till we sat back and can't move anymore hahaha

An amazing Ramadhan to begin with ^_^

Mysa, Zul & Lil Baby Boo

Friday, 20 July 2012

Ramadhan 2012

Tomorrow is Ramadhan peops!

I would like to wish every one Ramadhan Mubarak & have an amazing one to gain something new & good this year! ;)

So for today til night, tak payah nak over sgt makan bagai nak rak just because esok nak puasa. Kang sahur bgn lagi nak mkn lagi, tp by tomorrow, when its puasa, its puasa! Makanan yang dibaham seharian harini akan hadam jugak by malam kang. Esok puasa semua yang makan bagai nak rak tu, sure melepek jugak! Tu lah, puasa biar ikhlas! Hehehe

I'm sure mine's gonna be a great one as I'll be having Ramadhan with my beloved hubby for the first time as a wife & Mommy to be. Plus, the whole family is here (in Malaysia). Takde pecah2, kat Malaya la, kat negara seberang la, kat negara nun jauh di sana lah.

So, for the first day of Ramadhan, the fast breaking will be held at Mom's. Everyone is going to be there. Daddy, Mommy, Along, Abang Eman, Kak Miza, Lana Gembo2, Zul & I, Mamat, Widad & Alim Honey Bunny. It's going to be a big fun one! Dah lama tak gather all together like that. As the last gathering was at McD before Mommy leaves for Korea. Itu pun sekejap je tak dan seminit hokeh.

Oleh di sebabkan I'm 4 and half months pregnant with lil baby boo, so Inshallah boleh puasa penuh lagi this year just like last year! Mom, Along & Widad JANGAN JEALOUS!!! Muahahahahahaha (the most evil laugh everrrrrrrrrr)

Therefore, Happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak!!!

Mysa, Zul & Lil baby boo

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I went out this morning for work and the outside looked soooooooooo gloomy. Gelap semacam ingatkan malam lagi..boleh lah nak masuk and sambung tido hahahaha

Then it drizzles all the way to my office. I got to the office, no one's here yet and it started to rain heavily. Nasib dah sampai hehe

So, will it be a productive day or gloomy & sleepy one? Just like the weather...hahaha


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Semester 8

My last semester (Sem 7) results was okay..my CGPA went up a LIL bit by 0.004 hahahaha as I only took 3 subjects last sem, so tak boleh nak naik tinggi sgt plus last semester's subjects was quite tough (even the lecturers okay!!!)

This semester (Sem 8), I have to take 4 subjects. Sounds boring but it's okay I suppose. The semester started off around 2 weeks ago and will end around early October or so. As for one of the subject, for the class project we have to take a trip to Bandung and visit this one uni there. But as you I'll be on my 6th / 7th months of pregnancy, so B said don't take the risk and go. B was gonna come along with me to go there at the beginning (before I found out that I was pregnant), but bila dah tau, kira2 bulan, then B said, tak payah la pergi. Nanti sakit and long journey and all that, risky. Plus that place is not really that safe for a pregnant lady to be going on holiday these days kan, so its okay we go another time then :) instead, I have to do a big assignment for that subject huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

But it's okay, its all for lil boo :)

Plusssssssssss, 1 more semester after this one, then I'm done!!! Woot! Woot! Muahahaha


Mommy's Backkkkkkkkkkkkk

Mommy's backkkkkkkkkkkkk for Ramadhan and Eid this year!!! Weeehoooo!!!

B & I went to pickup Mom & Along at LCCT, Sepang on Monday night. She's back for 2 months or so Weeehoooo!!!

Sebenarnya, Grandma tu rindu kat cucu dia (si Lana) and the lil boo in my tummy & of cos her honey bunny (si Alim) JEEEEEE!!!! Caittttttt

We're all glad you're back for the holiday especially for Ramadhan and Eid sexy Momma! Heee

Love you loads,
Kakak, Zul & Lil Boo

4th Check Up

Last week on Wednesday, I had a check up for the lil baby boo...

Had to go by myself as B had to work that day and can't take the day off as he only has few days left for holiday..so we're saving it for Eid break later ;)

Went out quite early around 7.30am (mcm nak pegi keje okay, so tak dpt nak bgn lambat pun) cos I need to get there as early as possible to get a parking space as it's always full by 8am. Plus the traffic to get to the Klinik Kesihatan though its only supposedly 10mins away from home.

Got there around 7.50am (with all the traffic jam and the traffic light was broken so everyone was like huru hara that morning), got a parking space right away right in front of the entrance haha lucky me :) went in and get my number...though I'm sure I was quite early but that place was already packed when I got there..Warghhhhhh luckily I didn't have to wait for long as my checkup this time wasn't a long and complicated one...

My number came up so I went to the nurse to get my weight and blood pressure checked. Lost some weight and my blood pressure went down a bit, not sure why cos I had Kerang the night before plus I'm sure I've been eating a lot everyday you know huuu Then the urine and sugar check up and that went fine. Had to wait for a bit again to get a checkup with the nurse. Went in and the nurse said we're going to hear the lil boo's heart beat today if its possible. She put the heart beat scanning on my tummy and scanned for the lil boo's heart beat..then the machine went...(I'm not sure how to describe the sound on writing as I can only imagine the sound) hahahaha lil boo's heart beat's beatingggggg heee the nurse said that Mommy's lil boo's fine :D

Done with the check up then I told the nurse I've been getting back and shoulder pain every now and then..she said its because the baby's growing so my muscle's expanding that's why I've been getting pain on my back...so she gave me some more vitamins for the baby and some cream to ease of my back pain. She then said, I can now get my dental check up. So while I'm there, might as well get it done plus there's not many people there. Went to the Dentist on the first floor and get the check up done just within 15 mins je sebab gigi lawa and baikkkk kannn hahahaha plus ada la dlm 2 orang je pun kat atas tu hahaha

Then I have to go to the office as I didn't take the day off for the checkup, just went for the checkup. Luckily it only take less than 2 hours :)

Mommy's lil boo is getting bigger and always crawling in my tummy..golek2 guling2 you know hahaha lil boo's 4 and half months old (18 weeks) now in my tummy weeeeeeeeee

Love you lil boo,
Mommy & Daddy


I was actually too lazy to update my blog as I have no idea what to write or say...

I would rather read other peoples blog rather than updating my own haha

So I'm actually updating my blog now, for some random reason..I'm not sure what and why...

That's all for now :)