Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I love it when my fingers entangled in yours

&& my head was on your chest,

listening to your heart beat

It made me feel so safe;

like nothing bad could happen to me




Monday, 14 March 2011


First day of second year. Was quite excited as I can't believe things are going this fast and at the same time scared because of all the courses I have to take this semester onwards.

They gave us 5 courses this semester and turned out to be a killer one! >.<

BBI 2421 - General Writing Skill (I hate writing essays!)
KOH 3462 - Debate and Cognizance (Talk! Talk! Talk)
KOB 3402 - Video Publication Basis (Drama!)
SKP 2204 - Ethnic Ties (VERY Interesting!)
KOC 3431 - Public Relation Strategy (Event!)

And the schedule goes like this:-



And the feeling goes like this:-


..and many more!!!

p/s DAMMIT!!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


1 HORRIFYING day with Lana Gembo-gembo

Had to babysit Lana last Saturday since I have 2 weeks semester break (last weekend and this weekend only). Abang and Kak Miza came and drop her off at about 7.30am. As sleepy and yawny as I was, had to go down stairs and fetch her, cause she have too much stuff! (as if she's permanently moving to our place) Lol

So of cause no sleep for me since 7.30am!! Grr >.< (as for most people know, I'm not a morning person, so beware Lana!) Played with smelly Lana for a bit, then she slept for a bitttttttttttttt (just half hour geeezzzeeeee). Well, when she's up I have to be up too. Showered her and me too. Got dressed and ready for Alamanda. Didn't know what time we're going to be back, so we brought everything of her's with us to the car (in case we got home late, I can send her straight to Abangs).
Otw there, gave her a new toy that I got for her from Jusco few days ago. Its called a teether , pink colour of course! She kept chewing on them while staring weirdly at me. (I was wearing my big sunglasses so she thought I looked all weird like Auntie Widad and all) Lol

We got to Alamanda and straight away to McD for Lana's rice porridge for her lunch. Went to the Food Court for us to get some lunch, she ate her porridge (quite alot) and I had Bihun Goreng with Telur Dadar of course. Then she suddenly started to cry for no reason, and had to walk her around the Food Court til she was satisfied lol andddd she fell asleep. Then only I can finish off my lunch.

Then we're off to Carrefour to get some groceries (as there's sales for things I needed for the house! Heeee) Was looking for more Teether for her, but it's too expensive there. So another time aite Lana. We woke up half way through the groceries shopping, and wanting us to pick her up so that she can see EVERYTHING around her. She's heavy, so me arms are killing me!!!! >.<

We walked about for a bit then we got tired and before she started to cry again, lets go home! Hoho on the way home, she kept cheekily crying on and off (grrrr!!!!). We got home, she was okay then 10 mins later, started crying her head off crazily none stop for 45 mins as if someone just hit her hard right on the face. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lana what are you doing to me!!?!?!? Had to walk all around the house to get her to quiet down, but noooooooooooo she kept on going and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~ til I give up and decided to take her to the doctors as I thought she probably have tummy ache (and Abang forgot to give her meds with me).

But once we got on the car, she stopped crying and kept quiet with a few left over tears hiccups! Cute but grrrrr! She wanted to be outside NOT inside! AaaaaAAAAaaaaaa LAnaaaa!!!! Had to take her jalan-jalan in the car, all around Bandar Seri Putra until Nilai 3, then she fell asleep.

Then sent her to Abang and Kak Miza in UPM as I'm heading that way to get some things, so might as well drop her off. She slept peacefully along with that cute left over tears hiccups!

Dropped her off then FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM strikes!!! Yeay MEEEEE!!!!!!
Lana anak Aiman memamg macam-macam for sure!!!!

p/s Grandmaja, Lana al-Dayyana Aiman Mustaqim is NOT easy!!!

p/s/p Grandmaja, please prepare with everything you when you want to have her with you even just for a bit! BEWARE! Lol