Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Bear - 11 September 2016

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

11 September 2015 (Friday), 12.35pm I gave birth to my beautiful handsome son, Mateen Al Fattah at KPJ Kajang Specialist. He weight 2.8kg and perfectly beautiful! I feel in love second boyfriend haha

11 September 2016, Mateen turns 1! How time were that tiny thing growing inside of me one year ago babybear and now you're one! Why are you growing up too fast!? May Allah bless you my darling and I pray you become a nice and gentle person and do good things in life! We all love you loads babybear! Stay handsome for Miimaa okay! Haha

Your super cute fambam


drnotts said...

pandai heh. semua post birthday. yang event lain tak yah post .cehhh

chanellove said...

hahahaha event lain coming soon

aliaaroslan said...

Mateen emsem boy. My boyfriend also laaaa

chanellove said...

if Mayong sua kan toys or foods sure Mateen BFFNS dengan Mayong hahaha