Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The One With Notts BFF Reunited

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

I think roughly around middle of August, one of my bff, Kate Alderton back in Notts came to visit. She is currently staying in Melbourne, Australia working as Nurse at one of the local hospital there (I think) haha

Well we've been in touch since I came back in Malaysia in 2005 and the bond stays strong. She even attended my wedding in 2012 as she had a short trip in Malaysia unexpectedly during my wedding day.

She travelled around a lot and decided to stay put in Australia. Not sure why though haha Well she planning to visit her sister in Ghana for 2 weeks break as they will be celebrating her niece's birthday and all the family is coming down to Ghana. So she was looking through for the cheapest flight and it turned out the cheapest one has a lay over in KLIA for almost 120 hours. Woohoo!

She was texting me while booking her flight to make sure that I am free on that day so we can meet after so long! And we did! Since the lay over was not so long and she had to be back in the airport by 7pm, so we just pick her up from KLIA and stop by at Mitsui Park Outlet for lunch and walkabout.

I thought she was coming with her husband, Guy. Turned out she came alone as Guy can't take too long time off work. She had lunch and chatted none stop about almost everything. That day would be the first time she met the kids, Sofea & Mateen. Sofea bonded well with Kate, so we're cool haha

So many stories we shared about the old days, Notts mates, work, family etc. The short meet up was fun! And now we're planning for my visit to Melbourne hopefully by end of next year. Can't be earlier than that since she got SOOOO many things to do and will be Nottingham for the summer so yeahh hahaha

Can't wait for next November for our short break in Melbourne! Woohoo!

14 years of friendship & still counting

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