Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The One With 2 and Half Years Later - Hibernate Mode Off


Didn't realize the last post on my blog was about 2 and half years ago..a lot has happened since..even had no 3 too hahahaha

I even forgot the new name of my blog that I changed before had to google it to find out LOL

Luckily still remember the email that I used for this blog..So I'm safe there..

Any who, more updates soon..PROMISE!! 

Monday, 7 November 2016

The One With The Aqiqah & Early Birthday Celebration

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

First of all, sorry if the essay makes no sense or confuse you in any way sebabnya menulis ikut suka ikut mana yang ikut. Tak ikut turutan langsung hahaha almaklum I hate essays!

I think 2 months ago (betul lah tu haha)  we did a little kenduri for Mateen Al Fattah and Muhammad Yusuff Al Akhtar Aqiqah and early/belated birthday celebration for all Miimaa's Cucus. 

Alhamdulillah the kenduri went well as planned and so happening! Close family and friends came to the kenduri and the kids enjoyed their time with the Bouncy Castle too! 

Majlis Aqiqah dan Birthday Party Sofea Al-Latisya & Mateen Al Fattah (anak Widad dan Abang biar diorang update sendiri kat blog masing2 hahaha). The kenduri was held at our home (tapi kat dewan lah), with 3 ekor kambing, Nasi Hujan Panas, Mee Rebus, sinful desserts, Bouncy Castle and with loadsa laughter! And fully sponsored by yours truly, Miimaa / Mama / Prof. Dr. Normaliza Abd Rahim / Anak Cikgu Abd Rahim & Siti Normah / Apa lagi eh?

Knowing Mama, she loves all this kenduri thing and she will always give great ideas and of cos always pay for it all in the end! Over lah guilty terlebih ni. Even if you get her Poh Kong as a gift, for sure Mama akan pay you back in cash or she will buy you or your kids (the cucu always win) something else in return and always even more expensive. Cemane nak jadikan special gift kan? So next time I get Mama a present, I'll request for ONE LV jeeee hahahaha

Since Mama was leaving on the 31 August, so we decided to do the kenduri before Mama fly offff...Oleh kerana I don't know how to tag people or other peoples blog here, nanti baca blog Along ( to get more information about the foods, caterer, bouncy castle etc tau hahaha 

So Mum's siblings came to the kenduri, her office friends, my MIL families, my UK friends, office mates, Mateen's baby sitter and many more. So just enjoy the photo senang hahaha

Our family is all about celebrating things by buat kenduri kesyukuran, bacaan Yassin etc. So that we can share the good things with the people around us! Hopefully another kenduri will be when Mum is back for next Eid 2017! Woohoo

 Invitation Card by Widad Domot

 Preparation..preparing door gift and the kids hahaha

 Sinful Sweets

 Aqiqah & Birthday Boy

 Elevator Wefie Hahaha

 Bagi chance Mama and Papa selfie hahaha

 Birthday Girl

 Yummilicious CAKESSSSSSS

 Mateen Al Fattah turns 1 and Sofea Al-Latisya turns 4

 Princessbear and Wan

 Babybear and Auntie Sha

 Kesayangan Uncle Mad

 Zul's friend, Nasya, Aem and Aqilbambam

 With Kak Lela and her kids yang suka senyummmm

 My office mates (Putra International Centre)

 My ex-UK Mates (LB-Notts-Leeds)

 Mateen's Baby Sitter (Mamy & Kakak Aira)

 Mum with her long lasting BFFNS (Auntie Dr Zura & Auntie Dr Zan)

 Mum's Siblings

 My BFFNS dunia akhirat ni! Dia je bertabah dengan aku all these 11 years of friendship hahahaha


 Aqiqah & Birthday Boys in the Hawaian outfit hahaha

 Hello Handsome!!

Kakak Lana with the boys

p/s Sorry picture Miimaa tak banyak :(
p/s/p Sorry ini je jumpa dalam my phone hahaha

The best kenduri ever!

The One With The Last SPM

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

So, today is THE day for Alim first SPM paper. Both BM papers on the first day. Extra Good Luck for you today baby boy! Hahahaha

Well, Alim is the youngest in the family (excluding Miimaa's cucus). So therefore, he will be the last one to be taking SPM.

So last night we did a little baca Yassin, Doa Selamat & Kesyukuran for Alim who will be taking his SPM, Mamat for lulus-ing his Crane exam! Woohoo

So Along cooked her famous Roasted Chicken with extra loveeeee sebab somehow the taste macam over sedapppp sangat semalam and Stir Fried Spaghetti. Everyone ate sampai se'ehhhhh including Sofea! Hahahaha

Good luck and all the best babyboy! another 9-10 years to go after this! Muahahahaha


DrNA Clan

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The One With Notts BFF Reunited

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

I think roughly around middle of August, one of my bff, Kate Alderton back in Notts came to visit. She is currently staying in Melbourne, Australia working as Nurse at one of the local hospital there (I think) haha

Well we've been in touch since I came back in Malaysia in 2005 and the bond stays strong. She even attended my wedding in 2012 as she had a short trip in Malaysia unexpectedly during my wedding day.

She travelled around a lot and decided to stay put in Australia. Not sure why though haha Well she planning to visit her sister in Ghana for 2 weeks break as they will be celebrating her niece's birthday and all the family is coming down to Ghana. So she was looking through for the cheapest flight and it turned out the cheapest one has a lay over in KLIA for almost 120 hours. Woohoo!

She was texting me while booking her flight to make sure that I am free on that day so we can meet after so long! And we did! Since the lay over was not so long and she had to be back in the airport by 7pm, so we just pick her up from KLIA and stop by at Mitsui Park Outlet for lunch and walkabout.

I thought she was coming with her husband, Guy. Turned out she came alone as Guy can't take too long time off work. She had lunch and chatted none stop about almost everything. That day would be the first time she met the kids, Sofea & Mateen. Sofea bonded well with Kate, so we're cool haha

So many stories we shared about the old days, Notts mates, work, family etc. The short meet up was fun! And now we're planning for my visit to Melbourne hopefully by end of next year. Can't be earlier than that since she got SOOOO many things to do and will be Nottingham for the summer so yeahh hahaha

Can't wait for next November for our short break in Melbourne! Woohoo!

14 years of friendship & still counting

The One Who Left

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

31 August 2016 (night), Mama left for Korea. She will be working (staff attachment) with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for at the leasttttt of 1 year and it be til she pension. Too much politics in Malaysia haha

We all went to send Mama at KLIA. Alim went with Mum too but he took the AA flight from KLIA2 so only Along went to sent him off. He went for a month to help Mum settle down and what not. Seronot kanak ponteng sekolah sebulan hahaha

It was sad sending Mum off :( We were worried about Mum travelling alone with BIGGGGG and havey luggages. Luckily, we met Kak Ina (ex Notts Clan) and she helped to send Mum off til the gate. So fuihh lega sikit ada orang teman Mama sampai sana.

It took Mum and Alim 1 month to settle down with the apartment especially. Too much drama to tell! hahaha its all good now. Just that the lipas will stay I suppose hahaha

Hopefully to see Mum in January as the whole FamBam (more like my fam, Along, Alim, Mamat, and Widads fam jeeee) will be visitinggggggg...long holidayyyyy with Mummy / Miimaa Yeayyyyy!!! Really cant wait! Sebab this time we will be in Koreeeyaaa during Winter. So a new season for my boyfriend and the kids too! Mereput kesejukan nanti hahaha

Lately ni, hari-hari rindu Mama terover amat sangat! There's always something that will remind me of Mama. As simple as Sofea will always say Byeeeee Miimaaa and wave to the sky! Syahdu je dengar because I know she misses her Miimaa and I miss my Mama too! Tulah bila ada depan mata seminggu 2/3 kali je dating jenguk. Bila dah berjauhan sebuk rindu and bye Miimaa bagai kan. Mengada nya! Hahaha

p/s ini jer gambar from my phone gallery. Lain phone orang lain so sila baca blog orang lain tu haha

Love you loads Mum,
Your super cute daughter, SIL & grandkids

Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Bear - 11 September 2016

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

11 September 2015 (Friday), 12.35pm I gave birth to my beautiful handsome son, Mateen Al Fattah at KPJ Kajang Specialist. He weight 2.8kg and perfectly beautiful! I feel in love second boyfriend haha

11 September 2016, Mateen turns 1! How time were that tiny thing growing inside of me one year ago babybear and now you're one! Why are you growing up too fast!? May Allah bless you my darling and I pray you become a nice and gentle person and do good things in life! We all love you loads babybear! Stay handsome for Miimaa okay! Haha

Your super cute fambam